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You Can Now Go Shopping With Google Streetview?!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Google has long admitted that they want to catalogue all the worlds information like some manic OCD librarian and you know what? At first I thought it was great ( I mean it did end up giving us Android phones now didn't it) Taking a humble search algorithm (that Yahoo and Microsoft didn't want) they managed to make a search engine that not only captured the internet in a bottle as it were, but soon allowed you to scour the face of Earth, the Moon and even Mars for hours on end. There obsession with information even drove them so far as to create Google Street View and what better tool is there for getting directions or spying on your neighbours. But now that spying has gotten even easier... Google Street View has gone off road and now takes you inside buildings....

Let's take a trip shall we?

We start with a normal view from Google Street View; A parking lot and hotel, nothing strange there.

But wait... that's odd that arrow is pointing into the building. Let's click it and see where it leads...

So, yeah, that feeling you sometimes get that someone is watching you? It's probably someone online using street view.

But seriously know, it's all part of a new series of Street View features allowing business to advertise their space on the Google service. In and of itself it seems like a good idea but somehow, it's make me a bit uneasy thinking that Google will soon start cataloguing the insides of buildings. I love the fact that Google gives me access to the worlds information and this latest tweak makes in-home shopping all the more easy (now you can browse your favorite store from your bathroom!) but still I can't help think that with this information in one computer system, it's only a matter of time before Google become self-aware.

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