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A Day in the Life (the Omnipotent Android)

A Day in the Life (the Omnipotent Android)

I was sitting home today, chillaxin’ in between whipping up some spicy words of choice for everyone, being the wordsmith that I am, and I started thinking about my Android phone. Actually, the power was out, and my laptop battery was dead. I had nothing better to do than fiddle around with my gadget.

Jelly Bean Logo with Nexus Phones


I actually started writing this piece on my phone, but seeing as I have a serious case of ADD I had to move on to something else, at least to give my brain a moment to regroup itself. Naturally I started playing a little Dragon Slayer, but I got bored of getting my ass kicked in that and I moved on to the Bard’s Tale. I contemplated playing Minecraft for a while, but I’ve been a little blocked out lately (that sore excuse for a pun was plainly intended).

Then I moved on to do the usual social network browsing, you know what I mean. It’s that self-depricating mode where you continue to browse through your Facebook feed, staring haphazardly like a zombie at pretty much nothing. Facebook hardly ever captures my attention for long so I finally moved on.

Move on I did, and I loaded up Netflix for a brief content perusal. As is customary with Netflix, I found exactly nothing I wanted to watch.

I turned to Tumblr to write a personal blog post and get a little weight off my mind, before finally firing up some killer tunes. We be jammin’ mon.

That entire, inconsequential slur of words you just read, is my extremely drawn out way of saying that my Android is a true, universal device.

There are a number of platforms out there that claim to be universal. In reality, most of the platforms only do one or two things right, and that’s it. Without sounding too much like an Android fanboy here, the Android OS is so well rounded that I actually use my smartphone for everything.

I browse the internet, I play games, I do work, I listen to music, I watch videos and obviously I do everything else that you would on a phone (text, talk, etc). Lately, my Android has unquestionably become my go-to device, to the point where I often find myself migrating from my laptop to my phone. My Android is just so much more convenient.

Search the Web with Android

The only qualm I have with my phone is that it can be a real pain when I'm typing out long posts or creating lots of content. SwiftKey fixed that for me, and made things so much easier. I’m also waiting on a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to arrive in the mail soon, and that will make things even better as far as typing is concerned.

When it comes to editing images, I can even do that right on my phone now. I mean seriously editing an image too, like sharpening the edges, fixing color saturation, altering brightness levels and more. I’m talking about the kind of thing that you would normally do with Photoshop or Gimp, only now I’m doing it on my phone.

Man, I love technology.

There were days where I used to sit for hours and watch movie after movie on YouTube, but I always used my laptop or my desktop. Now, I do the same thing on my Android. The beauty of it is that I can be anywhere while I watch videos now. I can’t actually watch YouTube videos while I’m driving, or something, so yeah if you want to be a wisecracker you could say I’m full of it when I say “anywhere,” but hopefully you know what I mean.

I’m not pretentious enough to think that you care about any of this, or that you’ve ever dreamed of hearing what I do every day with my gadget. Who knows maybe you have.

Point is, I use my Android phone for most everything. I’m sure there’s more than a few of you out there who do the same. Android has become the all-encompassing, omnipotent system that we once longed for. Most of this can be attributed to the incredible freedom that’s been bestowed upon us. It’s becoming increasingly more evident that an open OS like Android is the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s about time we recognize Android for what it really is. Let's take a moment to honor and celebrate Android.

Android Hits 400 Million Activations 2012

What is Android to you? How do you use your phone or tablet? Have you found that it’s a universal device, just like I have? Has Android captured your heart, or do you prefer another platform (dare I say iOS)?

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  • I had temporary custody of my son's iPhone, it was his way to get me off of my Blackberry. I enjoyed the portability of the phone and I began to have a desire to be able to take the continuing education classes I must take every year while on the go. I needed flash to accomplish this so I started researching which phone would meet the need. I stumbled upon an article about the "soon to be released" Galaxy Note..... I bought my Note in May..... I LOVE MY NOTE, and I make no apologies! I haven't developed skills with Xcel on my phone but everything else is terrific! I read and study in Mantano Reader, I get free ebooks through www. bookbub.com, I play many games, the camera takes great pictures, and like you I do the usual phone stuff. Now I am trying to decide if I can offload my laptop for a tablet. Oh, I just bought an HP E-print all-in-one

  • Wow! I wonder how much the app will cost. Seems pretty impressive. 3 to 4 month's wait....

  • Ah! Now I can't wait either.

  • @Briley-


    Should be the most powerful music production app available when it gets here. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  • @Ti Mo My Android is most definitely my second girlfriend, if not my first. I get in trouble often for giving it more attention. :X

    @Dvoraak Really? This is news to me, I'll have to look that up!

  • I'm finding much the same Briley. Between my Note 10.1 and the S3 I just got (YAY me!), I'm just about fully covered for work and entertainment. I've already decided not to take my 9 lb laptop on the road with me anymore. Note 10.1+ GS3 = convenience.

    The only thing lacking is a music production solution for mobile. FL Studio is supposed to have an Android app coming but it's not here yet.

  • Ti Mo Nov 25, 2012 Link to comment

    Wow sounds like your phone is your girlfriend...

  • I mostly use Photo Studio Pro, sometimes I use Photoshop Express.

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Nov 24, 2012 Link to comment

    what program do you use for editing images?

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