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A World Of Photo (Free) – Spin the Bottle Meets Chain Letter

A World Of Photo (Free) – Spin the Bottle Meets Chain Letter

I've always been an advocator of spin the bottle. It's one of the best party games there is, and right up there with Truth Or Dare or Seven Minutes in Heaven. I mean, which other game lets you kiss women who otherwise wouldn't give you the time of day?
A World Of Photo (Free) has a similar concept to spin the bottle, except that it's virtual, obviously. More details after the jump.

Today's review was written by Fabien from the German team.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.9 1.1.9

Features & Use

A World Of Photo (Free) can be seen as a cross between a game and social network, as well as spin the bottle and a sort of chain letter.

The Concept

You start by turning or shaking your device. Another user is then selected at random and instructed by the app to take a picture of themselves. The user's location is displayed on the map as well. The user has a few seconds during which to shoot a quick picture, which, if they accept the challenge, is then sent to you. In the same vein, you will continuously be asked to shoot photos of yourself to send to other users, too. And thus the picture chain is created, and more often than not, it's pretty funny...

Becoming part of the community

A World Of Photo made a good impression right off the bat. There's no need to sign up or log in if you don't want to; you will simply be labeled as an anonymous 'guest'. That said, in my experience, there are few 'guests' floating around. Most users – myself included – seem to create accounts with personalised user names and profile pics after having used the app once or twice.

The take-a-pic-challenge

Whenever you've been randomly selected and have accepted the challenge, the program will automatically switch to camera mode. Before sending off the image (or rather, adding it to the chain), you may review your photo or retake it. Once you're satisfied, simply send it. The pic will also automatically be saved to your SD card. If you accept the challenge but wind up not sending your photo, you will receive official minus points.
By the way, the camera function is pretty decent, in fact, it's great.

Receiving a photo

Pics are sent to your device automatically. You can rate pics (5 star model) and send the other user little comments. If you really like the pic, you can also save it to your SD. And, of course, you may report it if you find it to be obscene, rascist or unpleasant in any other way.

Communicating with users

Sending other users brief messages via the score feature is possible.

Other features and settings options:

Hit the menu button to explore other options such as:

  • To me: Check out the map and chain that's thus far been created in your thread
  • Central: Shows a few statistics that I've found to be rather interesting. You can also consult the program's changelog
  • Map mode: Select whether you want to see positions via map or satellite mode
  • Profiel: Edit your profile here (change your user name or profile pic, or add a few sentences explaining who you are)
  • Feedback: Send an email to the devs
  • More: Settings options

Bottom line:

So simple, and yet so complex—I have to say that I really like the concept, which I find to be unique and innovative. A World Of Photo (Free) has a steady stream of users, and we predict it's going to keep going.
It's a great way to see shots taken by people living in other corners of the globe, and of being in touch with them, even if it is for but a moment.
Of course, there are all sorts of users, some more free-natured than others, to put things mildly, but rotten eggs are everywhere and - shock horror - virtuality is no exception.


Screen & Controls

The A World Of Photo (Free) controls are top notch: fluid and intuitive. The application as a whole is very well made.


Speed & Stability

A World Of Photo (Free) performs very well indeed, without crashing or lagging.


Price/Performance Ratio

A World Of Photo (Free) can be downloaded for free from the AndroidPIT App Center or Google Play.



A World Of Photo (Free) – Spin the Bottle Meets Chain Letter A World Of Photo (Free) – Spin the Bottle Meets Chain Letter

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  • S there a way to get back to your conversations with the other peron? I just meet a great guy from the Uk that I like,and I,m just wandering what to do so I want lose him.