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AI Professor says Google, Apple and Co. making "countless wrong decisions"
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AI Professor says Google, Apple and Co. making "countless wrong decisions"

Many AI experts react relatively relaxed to criticism of the development of artificial intelligence and follow the motto: "It's never as bad as it seems". Not according to Amy Webb, a New York professor and author of The Big Nine. She sees fatal consequences in the fact that states leave the field to companies when it comes to AI.

"From my point of view, the view of the horizon is somewhat out of touch," says Webb, who founded the Future Today Institute, which advises companies on strategic future issues. She is of the opinion that in artificial intelligence countless small developments happen simultaneously, the interaction of which is becoming more and more decisive. "We are already seeing billions of tiny advances that will have a combined effect over time. They will lead to systems that can autonomously make many decisions at the same time," Webb said.

One of the AI expert's favorite examples is AlphaZero, DeepMind's algorithm, which can play three games at once without any human involvement. Webb says: "That's a pretty big jump. We must pause and ask ourselves what happens when these systems ignore human strategies in favor of something completely unknown."

That's exactly what's happening, Webb says. The lack of foresight would result from governments not investing enough in AI research and instead taking the lead from privately owned companies. But the question of laws and rules did not mean so much to them. "That's why there are countless wrong decisions that someone in the 'G-Mafia' has made - Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, IBM and Amazon. Probably because he worked fast," Webb criticizes. This could also be observed in the debate about voter influence and fake news. "My great concern is that everyone must wait and see and there must be a real catastrophe. As if it wasn't catastrophic enough already," Webb says.

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  • Mark
    • Admin
    1 month ago Link to comment

    All the AI chatter lately, just points out how little we know about what is really going on with it. All I will say I really do not want a true AI. It just might out think us to our own end. An old book by Frank Herbert " Destination Void" show be careful what you try to create you might create something you do not want. Then it will be to late to do anything about it. No I do not think they will create what they created in the book. Read it, it has an interesting end what they created with their AI

  • storm 1 month ago Link to comment

    thanks for the gender correction. Webb doesn't actually know what the g Mafia knows or what decisions they have made individually. She's just relying on her own gut instincts for how she thinks that will develop.

    What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. She has no evidence.

  • It's funny how, when I graduated college (UCLA) and got into the "real" world, I realized how little my college professors actually knew about how the real world works. And, this coming from the best public university in the U.S.
    My daughter, a doctor, verifies this saying that what she learned in here practice often contradicted what they taught her in med school. So much so that she laughs about it.

    As a result I take anything that professors say with a grain of salt.

  • storm 1 month ago Link to comment

    While his concern has merit, he lacks data. So this is fearmongering where he has no concrete example.