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Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land
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Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land

Who hasn’t dreamt of giving flying a try before? I’ve always wanted to fly myself. It must be a great feeling, wouldn’t you say? Air Control doesn’t put you in the cockpit of an airplane like in a flight simulator. In this game, your aim to land planes on the right landing strip. Air Control should be a blast for anyone that enjoys Traffic Control and similar apps.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.20 Varies with device

Features & Use

The aim of the game is to direct planes and helicopters to their respective landing spots. Make sure to avoid any midair collisions, otherwise it’s game over, period. There is a total of four different aircraft types available. They also appear in two of the three full-version apps:

  • Red Bomber
  • Red High-Speed Bomber
  • Small Blue Planes
  • Helicopters

The full-version includes a new map with 9 extra planes and more details. In the full-version you can play on Green Fields, Desert River and Blue Ocean (new map). As I mentioned, the first two maps are in the lite version, as well. You can play these maps in two different modes:

Normal Game (third map included)
You have to direct the red bombers (both the slow and fast ones) to the larger runway, the blue planes to the smaller one and the helicopters need to land on the helipad. The longer you play, the more planes and helicopters appear. At a certain point it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of all the planes in the air. You are bound to lose at one point or another.

Cargo Game (only with maps available in the lite-version)
In this mode the size and shape of the runway is totally irrelevant. Here you have to look at the type and color of the aircraft. You can land a red bomber, then a small red plane and finally a small blue plane – all in that specific order. You have to make sure that the first two planes are red and that the second and third planes are small. This game mode can be very difficult to master, especially when you have to make planes circle around in the air until they fit into the correct landing order.

Bottom Line:

I enjoyed the game tremendously. I’m constantly playing it and I never get bored with it given the two game modes included.



Screen & Controls

To direct a plane or helicopter to its designated landing spot, simply sketch out a flight path with your finger from the aircraft to its target. The aircraft will stick faithfully to this line, even if there are other planes or helicopters in its way. Every time you lose you are promoted to a certain rank and you can see how many percent of all players have managed to attain this rank before you. You can adjust the sound, effects and game speed in your settings.

Speed & Stability

 Air Control runs like a charm! Absolutely flawless!

Price/Performance Ratio

I find £1.35 (1.80€) to be a bit too much for just one new map with only two different playing. On top of that you can still only use the "old" planes in the first two lite-version maps. 


Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land Air Control - I Believe I Can...Land


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