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Airpush Partners With Appthority Against Mobile Malware
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Airpush Partners With Appthority Against Mobile Malware

2012 MEA winner of “Best Mobile Ad Network” Airpush is to join forces with Appthority, the industry leaders in mobile security. The partnership has come about to fight the scourge of mobile malware.

Malware can be some of the most frustrating form of cyber-attack any type of devices can come under. This partnership will see the 2012 MEA winner of “Best Mobile Ad Network” and the industry leader in mobile security coming together to combat the scourge. It will see the integration of Appthority’s industry leading mobile security with Airpush’s advertising platform.

The software will scan all advertising app-promotions and URLs as an extra layer of protection to run in conjunction with Airpush’s manual approval process. What makes this partnership interesting is that it’s both sides of the fight coming together to solve a problem.

Why is this important?

The majority of mobile users may not have come across mobile malware and will therefore not see the necessity of the innovation. However, this is a problem that companies like Airpush and Appthority are trying to nip in the bud before they spiral out of control.

A recent report form BI Intelligence has shown that 29% of US mobile users have already used their mobile devices to make a purchase. This is a market that is growing exponentially and is on the precipice of explosion. With the market expanding it is inevitable that malicious elements will attempt to use the platform for their own benefit.

Do you think mobile malware will become a big problem in the near future?

Source: Phil T.


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  • I've hears some pretty rediculous "business talk" before but this one just takes the cake. AIRPUSH IS MALWARE!! If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, talks like a duck, it must be a..............COW??

    I completely understand the need for developers to make money. If they want to make the money using IN APP AD SOFTWARE I am completely fine with that. No problem.

    But when i DL an app and my phone becomes INFESTED with ad's in my personal notification bar as well as spam icons on my home screen YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR. The worst part is you have to deal with these stupid ads even when NOT USNG THE PROGRAM!!

    This type of crap will not only frustrate uers but will instantly turn off peopel thinking about hopping the Android Bandwagon. This kind of nonsense has the ability to seriously hurt the android OS in the long run if this were to become the norm. Google needs to dismantle your company and its practices!!

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  • Izzy
    • Blogger
    Nov 19, 2012 Link to comment

    If it's a joke, it must be a real bad one. I'd rather laugh later (with a better reason). To me that sounds like extinguishing fire by pouring oil on it...

  • Ilgaz Nov 18, 2012 Link to comment

    I pity any security company to partner with these guys. Plain absurd.

  • AirPush is the "Best Mobile Ad Network"??? This gotta be a joke