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I never thought I could be so puzzled about 4 basic elements. Who could’ve guessed that you can create so many different things from combining fire, water, wind and earth. The trick is that you have to figure out the relationship between all on your own. Put yourself in the shoes of an inventor, researcher or scientist in order to crack the mysterious code of these elements. With some luck and perseverance, you are bound to uncover new things. Alchemy offers you over 300 possible combinations of elements. For starters, let me tell you that Alchemy is extremely addictive. Read on to find out more.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.9 2.1

Features & Use

The premise behind Alchemy couldn’t be any simpler. You start off with just 4 basic elements that you have to combine and mix in order to create new ones. The first couple of combinations are child’s play, but things get more challenging as the game progresses. Have you ever thought about what you need to make vodka with alcohol? And, no, it’s not going to be potatoes this time around ☺

The way Wikipedia is integrated into the game is really well done! For every new invention, you can easily look up information from Wikipedia. An Internet connection is obviously needed.

To keep an overview of all your great inventions, you can view the history of each objected that you create. The info button at the bottom of the playing field is your friend and helper.
If you managed to discover all 300 elements then I suggest you brag about in the comments before doing anything else. After that, you can make suggestions for new elements in the settings. With a bit of luck, your suggestion may make it onto the game’s next update.

If you’re completely lost and stumped on a problem, it may be time for you to get an insider’s tip. Unfortunately, advice doesn’t come for free. You have to shell out $0.60 for one tip, $4.95 for a 10 tip package and $23.95 for a whopping 50 tips! But seriously, isn’t it much more fun trying to figure out this stuff on your own?


  • Long-lasting fun
  • Full of surprises
  • Apps2SD


  • No tips in the lite-version

Bottom Line:

Alchemy is extremely addicting! Finding new combinations and discovering new things is just a ton of fun. The game is great, but the design is a bit dodgy.

Screen & Controls

Alchemy may have an innovative game concept, but the user interface is very basic. No fancy design, no attention to style, but the game is still fun to play.

Just slide one element over another and see what happens. If you have too many things on your screen, you have trash them with one stroke.

Sliding an element over the info button gives you Wiki information and full history of the element.

You can adjust the appearance of the icons to your own liking. In Settings, you can select to have icons displayed in text or picture form. That way you’ll know what each symbol stands for.

Go to Settings → Behaviour to adjust the controls. Select Shake to shuffle or click Add grid to organize your icons on the screen. Pressing Tap to combine allows you to save time by combining two elements with just two touches.


Speed & Stability

Alchemy ran smoothly and without any crashes during our test.


Price/Performance Ratio

Alchemy can be downloaded for free from the App Center. 


Alchemy Alchemy Alchemy Alchemy

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  • Interesting game, good for passing time. I always feel like I should be taking notes when I play it. Still trying to figure out what works with the Beatles.

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