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All the HTC M8 / One 2 leaked pictures [Update: more pics]

All the HTC M8 / One 2 leaked pictures [Update: more pics]

Here's the latest crop of pictures of the HTC device codenamed M8, most likely the successor to the HTC One, which could be called either the HTC One+ or the HTC One 2. Or even the HTC One (2014). Whatever it's called, there's quite a lot of images floating around of what look to be dubious at best, but they're persistent, so here they are for you to decide for yourself. [Update: A few more new M8 pictures surfaced yesterday, which we've added to the bottom of the article]

htc m81 crop
The latest of many 'leaked' HTC One+ pictures. Are you buying it? / © @htcfamily_ru (Twitter)

First off we had the rear of the new device shown in a blurry image featuring two rear cameras. No one seems to know what these are for yet, but it is highly unlikely to be 3D. It's much more likely that they'll be for post-focusing images, the same way the Mems Cam does, if the image is real. A close up shot of the twin lens array appeared a little later and looked much less likely to be a Photoshop job, but the twin LEDs were housed in one oval cover rather than as two separate LEDs in the previous image. Hmmm.

m8 leak back 3
This is the second image of the rear camera array ont he purported HTC One+, codenamed M8. / © nowhereelse.fr

Later, an in-the-wild image of the front of the supposed One+ appeared, showing what purports to be the new Sense interface. The only problem with this was that the follow-up image showed capacitive buttons an a scaled background image, meaning the capacitive buttons were actually on-screen buttons that had an auto-hide feature. Great, but why is the rest of the display scaled when they're off screen rather than simply covered? Plus, there's kind-of transparency in the system bar up top, but then on-screen buttons are positioned on a black ground to make them look like capacitive buttons? Weird, and most likely fake.

HTC One2
Kind of looks like a HTC One Photoshopped wth a new screen. / © mobiltelefon.ru
Hmm, and now there's on-screen buttons made to look like capacitive buttons. / © mobiltelefon.ru

Then, our man over at @evleaks dropped some nice screenshots of the new Sense 6 home screen featuring Blinkfeed, which looked lovely but also had some weird Photoshop effects going on. Certain identifying information was blurred out, but then the icons at the bottom were Photoshopped back over the top and were a little mismatched. Along with some other noticeable Photoshop work it all made the screenshots look a little fake, including the fact that the screenshot didn't have the right dimensions, unless it was scaled by @evleaks before uploading, which also seems odd. I want to believe this one, but it's still a little fishy.

htxc one ui
The Sense screenshot Photoshopped into an HTC frame, looks a bit like the latest pic. / © @evleaks, AndroidPIT
m8 glitches pocketnow
Glitches in the Sense screenshot picked up by Pocketnow. / © Pocketnow

Now, there's one of the front of the phone, which again looks totally different to every other picture we've seen. The simple fact that basically none of these 'leaks' match up make it a little difficult to believe we're seeing the actual M8 here, but there's always different cases floating around and different prototypes being leaked so it's still possible. In this image we have seriously rounded corners (albeit differently at the top and bottom) and a completely different sensor and camera lineup. The image appears to come from Taiwan, based on the characters used on the display, which is, of course, where HTC hails from. Still, keeping the black bezel at the bottom and then moving the buttons on-screen... I don't know about that - it's a huge waste of screen space.

htc m8
These are the new (left) and old M8-in-the-wild pictures. What do you think? / © @htcfamily_ru

And finally, we have a concept render of what looks like exactly the same setup as the in-the-wild picture with which we started this article, as well as the same render with the @evleaks screenshot slotted into place. With this much Photoshop work going on it's hard to keep up and almost impossible to tell fact from fiction, but whichever way you put it, there's plenty of interest in whatever the M8 turns out to be.

HTC M8 Concept2
A very nice render based on the latest leaks. / © mob.hr/@leoside
HTC M8 Render crop
Full circle: a render with a screenshot that looks like a leaked image. / © mob.hr/@leoside

[Update 10:30 AM 13.02.14 Berlin time]

More pictures surfaced on a blog called HK-Android.info overnight that show something similar to the images already leaked of the HTC M8, but slightly different yet again. The sensors are over the right again and stacked on top of one another rather than side by side, but the 'loop' encircling them has disappeared. The corners are more tightly curved than the image at the start of this article but the system bar looks the same, as does the Wi-Fi signal icon, and the on-screen navigation buttons are sitting right above the bezel, with no HTC-branded bezel in the way. Speaking of bezels, the side bezels are tiny and the whole thing looks pretty legit. Do you think this is the final form of the HTC One 2?

htc one 2
The latest in-the-wild pics of the HTC One 2 / M8/ © HK-Android
HTC M8 LEAK 640x533
The rear shot seems to confirm everything else we've seen of the back of the HTC M8. / © HK-Android

What do you think of these 'leaked' images? Which ones do you think are real?

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