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(Almost) weekend app deals starting at 99 cents

If you are like me, paying for an app happens every blue moon, it has to be really great for me to fork over dough, even if it only costs 99 cents. As far as I’m concerned in-app ads hardly bother me, but it’s also a matter of personal opinion. On the other hand, if a good app deal arrives for an app that I’ve either been eyeing or just discovered via the deal, I do change my tune once in a while and pay a little change to get a good bargain. Here are some app deals.

app deals teaser
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Max Axe: Quest for Loot! - free

Osmos HD - 0.99 USD

Osmos HD Install on Google Play

PlayerPro Music Player - 3.95 USD

PlayerPro Music Player Install on Google Play

Camera 2 - 0.99 USD

Camera 2 Install on Google Play

Shuttle+ Music Player - 0.99 USD

Shuttle+ Music Player Install on Google Play

Dokuro - 0.99 USD

Dokuro Install on Google Play

Handy Photo - 0.99 USD

Handy Photo Install on Google Play

mazec3 Handwriting Recognition - 1.86 USD

mazec3 Handwriting Recognition Install on Google Play

Evertales - 0.99 USD

Evertales Install on Google Play

Vritra - 0.99 USD

Vritra Install on Google Play

TuneSync - 2.99 USD

FireJumpers - Wildfire RTS - 0.99 USD

FireJumpers - Wildfire RTS Install on Google Play




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  • just download apk

  • My1 Mar 27, 2014 Link to comment

    You are pretty different from me. If the app is nice I pay pretty easily even if it's "just" to support the dev. Mx player pro is not cheap (6€ or sth like that) and only kills the ads, but it's the only player out of the ones I tested, which can keep up with Hi10 profile avc files and whatnot, so I see a real point in supporting this, and Ads are an issue for me, especially on mobile, coz they suck away my already low traffic (unfortunately I am not blessed wuth living in Austria or alike where you get unlimited data without much money [or at all if you are not a business customer]). And with adblock I don't support the dev so I usually pay once a while, if I have balance left...

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