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Amazon's Appstore Launches in Europe, Everyone Wins
Amazon Apps 2 min read 10 comments

Amazon's Appstore Launches in Europe, Everyone Wins

Amazon's Appstore has been around for over a year but was completely inaccessable to those outside the United States – until today. As of today, the Amazon Appstore is available to those in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy

If you haven't been able to access the store, why should you be excited? Well, Amazon's got better deals on popular apps (especially when offered as an app of the day), and because this is Amazon we're talking about, you won't have to wade through tons of unhelpful reviews to find out if an app is worthy of downloading. All apps are Amazon-tested, ensuring there are no spammy apps that will turn your phone into a zombie, and Amazon's "Test Drive" feature allows you to try an application in your web browser by launching a virtual copy of Android in the Amazon EC2 cloud for half an hour.

Amazon is also planning to focus on locally-relavent apps, like promoting Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals on their UK website (because, apparantly, the British need to be taught how to cook). Today, the app of the day is an ad-free version of Angry Birds, now available for zero dollars. Do you still care about Angry Birds? Amazon's hoping you do.

What really has us foaming at the mouth, though, is what this move may mean for European customers down the line. Is Amazon getting ready to launch the Kindle Fire 2 in Europe? At this point, I can say that's a pretty safe bet.

In other words: YAY!

UPDATE: While I was able to download the Amazon Appstore app from Amazon.de here, I still haven't been able to download a paid app because of an issue with my "billing address." I've tried switching from my U.S. to my German address and back, but no luck. Anyone else having problems?

Source: Amazon.com


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  • LOL that sucks >w< I hope it gets fixed soon and then Amazon can broaden the App Store's availability.

  • Same. Amazon's Appstore STILL won't work on my phone. So I feel pretty much ambivalent about my original posting. "THIS AWESOME THING IS HERE! (note: doesn't actually work)."

  • Yeah, I know, but it really pisses me off when I read an article that says something like "[Popular App Name] is Amazon's Free app of the day! Go get it now!" because I can't! :(((

  • Anna, I agree 100%.

    That said, you're not missing THAT much. You can find basically every app on AndroidPIT and Google Play, anyway. This is just a curated version of Google's store, with some nice deals.

  • Can't they make the Amazon App Store available to ALL European countries? I really can't understand what's stopping them. Amazon and Google seem to believe that the only countries in Europe are Germany, the UK, Spain, France and Italy >:(

  • Eric, do you have your sending address set to a location in Germany or the U.S.?

  • Working fine for me. No issues at all with downloading apps.

  • red Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    FAOTD is hit and miss. Amazon does mix it up for different tastes, for example, every now and then it's might be a children's story, sometimes a utility, and games of all sorts. I found the FAOTD changes around 12:15 am. I believe you can install games you've downloaded, free or paid, to other devices you register with Amazon, like if you have a kindle that can play them. Only downside, you can't launch an app you've gotten through Amazon app store if you delete the Amazon Appstore App. If that makes sense.

  • Daz Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    No good on htc wildfire, uses loads of memory 17mb for install even though downloaded apk was only 8mb then another 11mb of data and I only signed in and got to the home page. It also doesn't fit the screen properly it overlays everything even on the menu screen. If its no good for older devices it should state that.