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Amazon Sending Out Invites For September Event. New Kindle On The Way?


Amazon sent out invites yesterday for an event to be held on September 6th in Santa Monica California, which leads us to naturally believe that a new Kindle tablet is on the way. We’ve heard many reports that Amazon might be working on multiple Kindle models, and it seems that Amazon is finally ready to unveil their newest product the day after IFA 2012 ends.

Amazon could very well surprise us with a 7 and 10 inch model of their popular Kindle device, which could naturally spell trouble for the Nexus 7, iPad mini, and any other 10 inch tablet on the market. While it’s highly likely that this event will mainly focus on a new Kindle, Amazon could surprise us with new devices, as Android tablets are certainly not the only thing the Seattle company sells.

If Amazon does in fact release a 10 inch version of the tablet, the iPad could have a pretty strong competitor, and it’s highly likely that any 10 inch Kindle device would be significantly cheaper than the iPad or any existing Android tablet.

Some also speculate that Amazon is working on their own smartphone, as they recently acquired a 3D mapping start up company, and even hired a former Microsoft phone executive. While we can’t confirm what exactly the event will hold, the good news is that we won’t have to wait long to find out just what Amazon has planned for 2012.

Picture credits: www.latimes.com/

Source: LA Times


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  • That's all Amazon needs to make this thing a hit. Plenty of power behind their company branding.

  • I think that would be a significant marketing idea - the size of an iPad @ a fraction of the price (no need for a front / back camera, no need for beats audio (lol), just plenty of space to hold content & keep it light weight for easy reading) ...

  • Same size as the iPad then..Not a bad idea! :-D

  • Make it a 9 inch (larger then a 7, not as heavy as 10) - give that Kindle as much Tablet features as you can to encourage Consumer interest ...

  • Agreed Christoper. 7 inch coming for sure...10 inch would be a nice surprise :-)

  • I'm keen to see what Amazon has up their sleeve...

    7 inch new kindle
    Phone with service package
    long shot- 10 inch