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Amazon vs the Amazon: 8 countries against the Internet giant
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Amazon vs the Amazon: 8 countries against the Internet giant

Something more than a name is the cause of the struggle between the giant Amazon and eight South American countries. The domain ".amazon" and to whom it belongs has several governments facing up to Jeff Bezos. These eight countries that own part of the Amazon rainforest, whose name inspired the famous company, fight for much more than an Internet address.

So say the governments of Brazil, Peru - the first to cry out - Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname at Amazon's request to acquire the domain. For them, it's important not only because it's a symbol of their country, but also because they wouldn't want the name of their most precious natural treasure to fill the pockets of the tech giant Amazon even more.

Androidpit Amazon devil
Amazon's enemies are growing everywhere / © AndroidPIT

And so it goes on 12 years later. Yes, this conflict goes back a long way, when Jeff Bezos's company tried to take over the domain without success. In spite of the attempts and denunciations of the governments of the countries involved, Amazon does not withdraw from the struggle.

"It's not the classic problem between two different parties requesting the same name," said Rodrigo de la Parra, Icann's regional vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean. "The governments did not request .amazon, they are only concerned about the use that a private company can give it for the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

But there could also be other motives behind it. As The New York Times points out, these South American nations may want ".amazon" dominance for their own commercial interests. This would be useful for tourism business websites. But we'll have to see about that.

A few days ago, and after seven long years of dispute, Amazon had to send a new proposal that takes into account the concerns of the countries that oppose the acquisition of the domain. We will see what Bezos' company has to say when it becomes public, and whether there is a solution to this problem. However, the decision is in the hands of the Internet body that supervises domain names.

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