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Android 4.2 Bugs: Random Rebooting, Poor Battery Life and Lots More

Android 4.2 Bugs: Random Rebooting, Poor Battery Life and Lots More

Hooray for Android 4.2! Boo for Android 4.2's bugs! Those are the conflcting feelings I'm having now that I've installed Android 4.2 on my Nexus 7. This could just be the buggiest launch I've encountered since Gingerbread – and that's really saying something. Here's a rundown of all the bugs I've encounted so far,.

Calendar and Bluetooth Streaming Audio Issues

Yesterday, I realized something quite odd: there was no month of December in my Android 4.2 contacts app. Google is aware of the bug and is fixing it, but one has to wonder how such a thing could have previously gone unnoticed. Take a look at this screenshot for proof (don't mind the German):



Another issue that'll probably be more difficult for Google to resolve is the spotty Bluetooth support. Audio support is choppy at best, and sometimes doesn't work at all. Hopefully Google will fix this one quickly, as it's a huge pain in the butt.

Stability / Rebooting Issues

Even more serious than the Bluetooth and calendar bugs are the stability issues with this update. Apparantly, some Nexus 7 devices randomly reboot – even when they're idling and their display is off. So far, every device except the Nexus 4 seems to be affected. The reboots appear when opening Chrome, reading Play magazines and even when you're doing nothing at all.

But reboots aren't the only issue: performing certain tasks has become an excrutiatingly slow experience. Opening Google Now is slower, as is opening Google Play and Google Play Music. Factory resets have helped some – but not all – users.

Other users say their displays are turning on after no interaction and that the clock's time is off. This is bad.

Poor battery life

This has been the most irksome issue in my day-to-day use. Using Google Play Services depletes battery life faster than ever before. Standby time, as well, has significantly diminished on my Nexus 7. It also seems as if it takes longer for my tablet to charge. So far, it seems this is an issue that is exclusive to the Nexus 7 – the system isn't recognizing the voltage, and is thus charging the device as if it were connected via USB to a computer rather than at the standard 2A it charges when connected to a wall outlet.

We're hoping Google fixes these bugs soon! Have YOU installed Android 4.2 on your device? How has it affected your device's performance?

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  • ,y nexus7 was upgraded to v4.2 in October. Now the screen gets brighter one second and dimmer the next the whole time it is on. Can someone assist. Regards schokman

  • Has anyone else lost the ability for satellite location lock when trying to use navigation? It's rendered navigation unusable..

  • Yeah I've read that somewhere too! Why don't you guys try it and tell us if it helped?

  •   7
    Deactivated Account Nov 25, 2012 Link to comment

    I've read somewhere (can't remember exactly where) that disabling Google Currents worked for some people. I don't have a Nexus, hence no 4.2, so I can't confirm...

  • I have a first release nexus 4 and am having problems with rebooting.... especially when I'm using Google maps navigation and music player simultaneously- seems to happen most frenulum when in landscape mode! Also volume of voice on navigation is poor when streaming music via Bluetooth in the car!

  • My 7 seemed to be changing brightness level all the time when it was on automatic, even just sitting doing nothing. Finally had to turn off auto brightness. Turned it to the lowest level, but that doesn't seem very low. I haven't really noticed the other things, maybe slightly lower battery life, but I chalked that up to the auto brightness changing all the time.

  • My Nexus 7 has rebooted once when i was using Chrome.

    The clock widget is sometimes digital and somtimes analog.
    (pick one! Stop changing all the time)

    And the screen is flickering when i change from a dark to a light screen, but this was only the first days, it seems gone now.

    Some applications do not work anymore, like XiiaLive.

    Nexus 7 doesnt have the AOSP-browser, only Chrome, so i rooted the device and installed the OASP-browser (drag browser.apk in /system/app) but it Force-Closes on start.

    On the Galaxy Nexus you can switch between normal notifications-drag-down and the settings-drag-down.
    On Nexus 7 you have to drag on the other side of the screen (top, horizontal) this is very annoying. because i was used to dragging down at the right-top.
    (Right-top = settings drag-down, Left-top = notifications-drag-down)

    Google Play crashes sometimes when you have the app open with multiple user-accounts at a time.

    It was annoying that Developer-Options was hidden.

  • I haven't had(Or at least havent noticed) any of these issues since I got the 4.2 update for my Nexus 7.Everything is running just as smoothly for me and I'm loving the update.

  • I thought Jelly Bean was supposed to run smoothly like butter? How could Google let all these bugs slip through and still advertise Project Butter like that?! Oh, about the random reboots - my phone does that a lot too. But it's a Galaxy SII and it runs CM9.1 although I had the random rebooting issues since Gingerbread 2.3.6.

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