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Has Android 4.4.3 been canceled on account of Android Lollipop?

Android 4.4.3 is like the Lochness Monster that we keep gossiping about thanks to dubious sightings by the press. Now, one month before the Google I/O, an unthinkable thought has arisen: will the update ever come?

android 443 lollipop
 © Samsung, AndroidPIT

Presumably, the update won’t bring many big changes, it will ‘only’ fix a few bugs. Alas, we’ve seen nothing but glimpses of it in code or leaked Samsung factory reports. In recent leaked documentation, it is apparently being tested on some of the market’s recent flagships, but this is still a rumor and nothing has been confirmed. Such internal roadmaps are easily faked.

Why would Android 4.4.3 be crossed off the list? Android Geeks said it right: in one month, we will likely be presented Android 4.5 or Android 5.0 Lollipop or whichever name you want to give it (vote in our survey). Bugfixes can easily be added to the next big update. Why would two separate updates come in such a short time that manufacturers and network providers would have to test and push out?

android 5 lollypop
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The question is not unfounded. Android 4.4.3 never ended up appearing after every report, and there is still no hint of an official report on this. The folk over at Mountain View have one month to their huge developer conference, up until which they will likely have their hands full with the next major update. Many leaks point towards something big. What’s more, Apple will introduce the iOS 8 this coming Monday, June 2nd.

What do you think? Is Android 4.4.3 just a ghost town or are you still keeping hope alive, or do you even care?

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  • Just updating my Moto X to the latest version of Kit Kat available
    & all I care about is removing any bugs (keep that interface operating smoothly)

    • Well that is pretty much all the Android 4.4.3 update is doing, other than a few very minor changes. I'm with you on this, I don't need Google to add a ton of new features, when they can't fix the ones that aren't working from before. Give me better performance before anything fancy.

  • On nexus 4:
    Rebooting when using the camera, power button only works to lock screen and reboot (the menu where are the options for airplane mode, silent, etc. Doesn't appear). Volume indicator stuck when increasing or decreasing volume.

    Already tried factory resets, side loads etc... None seems to work. (Sorry for the bad English)

  • I'm in favor of 4.4.3 being released before Lollipop. We've been waiting enough already. And maybe you're right that lollipop will fix those bugs, but it's going to be a major release - it'll introduce major new features, and a ton of new bugs along with them. So, it's not the same thing at all. I still insist on 4.4.3.

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    Deactivated Account May 28, 2014 Link to comment

    Google or whomever just hurry up already because your last update messed up my G2 lol.

  • In the word of IBM of old, 'Ship it - We'll fix it later in the next version.' Remember all software is BETA unless it's ALPHA!

  • As long as my HTC ONE (m7) works perfect without even a single bug, I'm OK with 4.4.2. A big change will be what I prefer.

  • I do care! my nexiee is getting affected by bugs! :'/

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