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Android 4.4.3 coming to Galaxy S4, HTC One M8, and Moto G (rumor)

Authored by: Sterling Keys — Apr 17, 2014

The Nexus 5 doesn’t look like it will be the only device that will be getting Android 4.4.3 in the coming weeks, as speculation has arisen in regards to more devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M8, and Moto G, slated to get the latest update in April. 

Nexus 5 camera sensor 443
The Nexus 5 will start seeing Android 4.4.3, but it might not be the only device getting it in April. / © AndroidPIT

According to reports, we could see devices such as the Galaxy S4, Moto G, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One Google Edition, and HTC One M8 receiving the incremental update to Android 4.4.3 by the end of April. Android 4.4.3 is expected to fix several bugs that have affected smartphones since the initial KitKat rollout. Random restarts, camera issues, DSP errors, security issues, and Bluetooth issues are among some of the bugs that Android 4.4.3 is scheduled to fix.  

Amid the speculations of this update being rolled out to non-Nexus devices, it is also being reported that we’ll be hearing about a new version of the operating system, Android 4.5 Lollipop, at the Google I/O Conference in June. This further rumor brings into question the actual relevance and effort of rolling out the incremental update to Android 4.4.3 if another version is scheduled just to be released around corner.

Any news in regards to a new Android version is expected to be released during the annual Google I/O Developer Conference on June 25th and 26th of this year. While not much is known what exactly will be incorporated in this latest release, we could very well be seeing a complete overhaul of the Google icons for Android.

Source: IB Times

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