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Learn How to Design Android Apps from Google's Top Developers

Authored by: Steven Blum — Sep 11, 2012

Distraught by all the ugly, poorly-designed apps out there? Imagine how Google must feel. To boost the quality of apps on Google Play, Google has tried a few different tactics. They've played the bad cop and booted malicious apps off Android. They've updated their developer code of conduct, banning any app that looks as if it's been copied from a different app. But other than that, it appears as if Google has been remarkably hands-off; they haven't meddled like Apple and have generally allowed the Google Play Store to evolve as it wishes. 

But what you may not know about Google is that they've actually been providing Android developers with long, in-depth tutorials on how to design Android apps on the Android Developer YouTube channel all along, in a not-so-secret attempt to boost the quality of Android apps across the board without explicitly playing bad cop.

Creating Apps That Don't Suck to Use

One channel, called App Clinic, goes heavily into the elements of how to create an app that doesn't suck to use. Another YouTube channel, the Friday Games Review is what it sounds like – a thorough (and thoroughly entertaining) look at some of the most popular games on Google Play right now, grouped around certain themes (like card games, for example). It's especially interesting to hear what Google employees have to say about these apps because their commentary is broad and takes into account the entire Android ecosystem, the apps' competitors and how they may work on various devices.  

Today, Google is taking their developer YouTube channel to the next level, unveiling a new series of YouTube episodes called Android Design in Action. The episodes should help teach developers how to develop even more amazing apps with tips from the pros. We don't really know what the episode will be like (obvs, since it hasn't aired yet), but it will probably combine biting commentary with helpful tips and tricks for budding devs. 

You can watch the inagural episode on Google+ here (it starts in less than an hour).

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  • Patrick R. Sep 11, 2012 Link to comment

    Thak you Google. One of my favorite apps SD Maid Pro used to have sucky interface but I just loved the amount of space it recovers for me by getting rid of duplicate or useless files. It was more on function and less than form and the interface looked kinda out of place on a smart phone. Thankfully it got a UI refresh recently, I guess, I have google to thank for it.