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The top 5 Android apps iPhone users are dying to try

The top 5 Android apps iPhone users are dying to try

Gone are the days when Android users longed for apps that were only available for the iPhone. Now, Android developers are outpacing their Apple counterparts; creating apps that iPhone users are dying to try. Here are five intriguing apps that are available exclusively for Android.


If you travel often, finding free Wi-Fi can become an overwhelming chore. The app Instabridge uses crowdsourced reports to find the nearest Wi-Fi. The app is free and works in more than 200 countries. Instabridge works offline too, so you won’t be left scrambling in a 3G dead zone. 


After watching a few seasons of Law and Order, you begin to understand the importance of Alibi

The app allows you to stealthily record audio, video or location data on the fly. The information is then cached on your Android phone, for you to retrieve later. Developers say Alibi won’t deplete your battery and is discrete.

According to Alibi's website: 

"Alibi is built around privacy, and seeks to provide evidence of any situation from police interactions, bullying, vehicle accidents, altercations, arguments, workplace harassment, legal disputes and much more. It gives users the confidence to stand up for themselves in the face of misguided authority or misplaced aggression. Never be without an alibi."


Wish you had a personal assistant, secretary or concierge? That’s where Agent steps in to help. 

It uses contextual data to figure out what you need, before you need it. For example, Agent can tell when you’re sitting in a meeting and temporarily turns off your notifications. Agent also promises to dim your screen when it knows your battery is dying, to help you find your parked car and to minimize distractions when you’re driving. Who needs Siri now?

Quality Time

The app Quality Time is a little self-destructive. What else can you say about an app that discourages you from using your phone?

Quality Time tracks the amount of time you spend your Android device. If you’re worried you’re spending too much time on your phone, Quality Time will notify you when you’ve reached your time limit and then put you in a time out.

It’s like parental controls for those of us with low self-control.


Like Quality Time, Habitbull is about encouraging responsible behavior. In order to stay accountable, the free app lets you track your bad habits over the long term. From there, you can use Habitbull's reminders to keep yourself in check. 

While the idea of tracking bad habits is pretty cringe-worthy, it's clear that Habitbull could be a useful tool for those of us trying to form better habits. 


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  • SDK is software development kit for iPhone application development. The iPhone operating system framework and Objective-C language is used for the development of native applications, which runs directly on iPhone OS. Native applications are installed physically on the device and runs both in presence and absence of network connection.

  • Use both ios and android- want none of those apps.

  • Exactly. E.g. Alibi has ~100 downloads at googleplay. You can't say anybody is dying to try it. You can say it is interesting but it is not popular yet.

  • I didn't know much of these app in the list above.
    But i am sure to recommend one app The Quality Time to anyone as it silently keep record of you're usage and keeps you in control.

  • "Gone are the days when Android users longed for apps that were only available for the iPhone. " Are you sure about that? What about Hyperlapse? Or Cortex Camera? Or Notability? These are FANTASTIC iOS apps that not only aren't available for android, but have no good alternatives. There isn't a single app on Google Play that can offer the video stabilization that Hyperlapse offers, not one camera app that completely gets rid of noise without making the photo look weird like Cortex Camera, and no note taking apps with a beautiful design, the ability to both type or handwrite and has a voice recorder with a tuning feature like Notability.
    Don't get me wrong, I like android and I wanna switch to it, but until these three apps are available for it I'm gonna keep my iPhone.

    • You raise some good points, Victor. Maybe your ideas could be incorporated into a post, like "Ultimate wishlist for Android apps." What do you think?

    • ...or what about Garage Band?

    • I imagine Hyperlapse will be coming to android at some point, the same way we had to wait for VSCO cam. As for your note taking, the best note taking I've found in general is Google Keep - it's very simple, well designed and offers all of the features that you listed with notability. It automatically syncs to the cloud, is free, and has wonderful web based and desktop apps. I highly recommend giving it a look.

  • Andy W Feb 14, 2015 Link to comment

    Um. I'm not even dying to try these apps out on my android phone.

    I am dying to use the iOS calendar app on Android though, why are all the calendar apps so rubbish on this platform?

    • S Planner is amazing

    • Kishin Feb 14, 2015 Link to comment

      The only reason iOS calendar app is so good is because iOS is solely based around looks and productivity so everything works seamlessly on an iOS device.

      Android is not solely based around those. Android is more based on open source and usability; which I think are much more important things to have in a mobile device rather than looks and productivity.

      So if you want the looks of iOS and the usability of Android then you can either sit down and consult the pros and con's of both platforms specifically to what you want; OR you can own both an Android smartphone and an iPad.

      Because frankly I prefer a tablet with iOS rather than a tablet Android; and I prefer a smartphone with Android rather than a smartphone with iOS. But that's just my experience with those so you don't have to take my advice if you don't see things the way I see them.

      Or as an extra suggestion you can probably go even further and purchase one of those iPads that dual boot Android and Windows 8/8.1.
      Just a suggestion.

    • Try using a MIUI ROM.

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