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Android beaten again by iOS in holiday season

Android beaten again by iOS in holiday season

IBM has managed to put together some significant amount of data in regards to traffic over the holiday season. Part of it has managed to reveal what we confirmed during the Cyber Monday and Black Friday period, in that iOS devices are driving significantly more sales and than Android online. This is for measuring the amount of purchasing being done by users on devices, not how many people are actually buying the devices themselves. On average iOS was found to have about 5 times as many sales as Android devices, which is an extremely large gap.

ios android homescreen
iOS once again managed to beat Android in terms of users purchases and engagement during the holiday season / © AndroidPIT

Although Cupertino may not have as much control of the market as Google does, these reports show that its users are far more eager to spend money on their devices than Android users. Something more important for businesses though, is the fact that should they be looking to increase sales, mobile is the place to be.

Out of all the online shopping that was done this past year, about 48% of it was being done on mobile devices. This shows that mobile devices are going to become crucial as time passes and more people decide that using mobile devices is better than using desktop devices.

iOS devices drove 23% of the total online sales. Android on the other hand only managed to help move a paltry 4.6% which is disappointing regarding how ubiquitous the Android platform is. Perhaps some people just don’t feel secure enough to do their shopping on Android? Also the amounts spent on devices was also almost twice as much on iOS devices as it was on Android. The average iOS shopper spend about $93 whilst the average Android shopper spent $48.

What do you make of all these numbers suggesting that Android users spend much more than iOS users on their mobile devices. Do you think it may be down to the security threats that plague Android on a daily basis? Please leave us your comments and we will get back to you.


Source: Tapscape

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  • Dont forget people, IOS is only on iPad and iPhone devices, while Android has 10 times more devices cheap and expencive! And yet IOS is sold more which just proves that IOS is better then Android!

  • I also buy an iPad Air in the holiday season. it's awesome IOS7.

  • apple products are more costly showing their purchasers have more money to spend in the first place so it's only logical they would have more to spend from the device.

  • all that finding told me was .... that Apple Cult Consumers will gladly overpay for anything with an Apple logo on it during the Xmas season (lol)

    • This articles discusses the fact that more people are using iOS devices to conduct online shopping in general (Amazon, eBay, overstock, etc) despite the apparent proliferation of Android devices.

    • T

  • IOS users spend more, That's not news or data and I actually recommend Apple more then Android so I'm not a hater, a laughing- under-my-breath-to-the-bank-er but not, a hater,

    Lets be a little more sensitive here people. They have to use their iPhone or pad (am I the only one that thinks of feminine products occasionally when they hear the word pad) If I bought an IOS device instead of just recommending them I wouldn't have been able to afford any other devices either, and if they could why would they buy something that you use in the house. How is anyone going to know they have it if it's in the house?

    Also, for the ones that have some money left over, and there's plenty of 'em, they have more choices of things to purchase online then the retail challenged Android user, I spent days trying to find a potty seat toilet trainer with a place for anything other then an iPad ( see the pad thing ) or iPhone and there aren't any. No droi'lets only iPottys. ( I was going to "hack" one to fit my droid, it's really big, but I couldn't sit in any of the ones I saw big droid or not so I gave up. Don't get me started on a generation of people that can't have a bowel movement without an app, wait till that trial period is over.

    While I can think of many more reasons I'll leave space for the

  • yeah this is about how much people are spending on their actual devices not how many people are buying android devices

  • First I want to clarify something. The sales numbers in question do not have to do with the costs of the handsets themselves, correct? Nor do they pertain only to micro transactions on app stores? These numbers are talking about general commerce performed online, from a mobile device, right? (e.g. buying plane tickets, going Amazon nuts on black Friday, getting that nextgen gaming console for the holidays).

    One theory I might have is quite a number of android users cannot be considered "power users" nor do they even have a credit card to use at the Play store. They could be minors, or simply poor college students who happen to own a low end android phone--Android caters to the public and provides a means of owning a half capable smartphone while ALL of Apples products are high end devices (although there's plenty of minors with $600 iPhones too, but they can probably order that PS4 from their device as well).

  • I believe the figures point to sales within USA? What about world wide? I'm in South East Asia and I see more Android devices in use generally than I OS devices...something which has changed over the last couple of years..

  • Of course they have more sales, more Android apps are free, while most IOS are paid apps.

  • Ed E. Dec 31, 2013 Link to comment

    I can't see that much of a gap in sales difference between iOS and Android.

  • liljom Dec 31, 2013 Link to comment

    In genereal I can't understand why people buy that overpriced small screen phone anyway. It seems, that there is enough marketing and enough people who don't think much. I think it's only about marketing. I don't live in the US, but I can imagine, that there's a big campaign to promote Apple. They overprice their products, so they have a lot of money to promote, and lot to keep in their pockets. I don't even know how LG G2 is not a huge success. That's the best phone out there to the average person. It all goes back to marketing. People don't look around much before buying. They just buy what is put before them. So I think it's only about Apple's marketing, as Android sells more in general.

    • Samsung has the largest marketing budget of all the smartphone OEM's including Apple. Apple price also includes the cost to Apple's in-store customer service. No other OEM offers live customer service or their own dedicated retail operations.

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