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What Will Google Bake Into Android Key Lime Pie?

What Will Google Bake Into Android Key Lime Pie?


Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean updates seem to be on the rise, and although the majority of Android devices don’t run either one of them, we can’t help but wonder what the next version of Android will bring. Both ICS and JB made drastic improvements to Android in so many ways, and sometimes I ask myself how they can be improved even more. While it might be a bit early to even start logically thinking about it, there are already quite a few questions about Android Key Lime Pie (or whatever the hell Google will call it) that are stirring around in my head.

The name

People seem to be stuck on “Key Lime Pie”, and The Verge has all but confirmed that this will be the name of the next version of Android. But are there other choices? I don’t know about you, but I had absolutely no idea what Key Lime Pie was until I Google'd it! Android Kit Kat would be my choice, but I’m sure that Nestle would probably want some licensing fees if Google named their next version of Android after the famous candy bar. But when I had a look for other dessert names starting with “K”, the choices weren’t too appealing:

  • Kadalai Maavu Payasam
  • Khoa Semiya Delight
  • Khaskhas Halwa
  • Kiwi Cheesecake
  • Kiwi Mousse Cake
  • Kiwi Fruit Cake
  • Kahlua Mousse
  • Kransekake
  • Kiwi Souffle
  • Kozunak
  • Khova Egg Pudding
  • Kandy Cane (BETTER NOT BE)

I’m not too sure if any of those names are much better. What do you guys think?


What could the next version of Android bring feature wise? For me, I would love to see these features integrated into the next Android:

  • Multiple user accounts (apparently JB somehow supports those)
  • Launcher customization options (how the buttons look, colors, ect)
  • Ability to backup/restore homescreen (as offered in Nova, Apex, and many other launchers)
  • Ability to backup/restore entire operating system (as rooted users can accomplish via Nandroid backup)
  • Ability to backup/restore apps (as rooted users can accomplish with Titanium Backup)
  • Ability to theme the entire OS without the need of a custom launcher

I’m sure there are tons more things I wanted to improve, but those are the first that came to my head. What features would you like to see added to the next version of Android?


As fast as ICS and JB are in terms of performance, they aren’t perfect. I have over 270 apps installed on my phone, and scrolling can still be a pure nightmare when I’m looking through all of them in my app settings (I know..it’s obviously hard on the system to load all the app data for so many apps, but I’m dreaming here :-D), and even on Jelly Bean my system likes to lag every now and then when popping out of certain apps.

That being said, I’m admittedly just nitpicking here, as JB is so fast that there’s honestly not much more I can wish for in terms of performance.

User Interface

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? That’s how I personally feel about STOCK Android ICS and JB. If Google wants to change things like the animations or notification bar, then be my guest. But I’m still in love with the stock ICS/JB user interface, and it’s very hard for me (just my feeling about it) to wish for much more in terms of looks.

Look to the future

With the majority of Android users still on Gingerbread, maybe it’s silly to even be writing about this. But technology changes fast, and looking to the future is alway fun! I’m sure in the next months I’ll think of TONS more things that I would like to see in the next Android (after the JB craze dies down), but for now, these are some things I would love for Google to work on for the next version of Android.

What do you guys think? Any particular things you would like to see in the next version of Android?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: wallpapers-start.com and www.statesymbolsusa.org (merged and edited by myself)

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  • WOW!! Now THAT'S what I call a proper wish list!!!

    Well done! Really nice suggestions!!! :-D

  • dinso Aug 13, 2012 Link to comment

    I would like to see the following things:
    -An offline native holo themed office/productivity app with really granular control over details like Microsoft office, google must use that quick office purchase to good effect
    -Ability to italicize' underline and bold text on stock keyboard
    -A native holo themed stock file manager
    -More licensing agreements with multiple countries for content. Don't forget the little ppl google. Android market share is much bigger outside the us than in it.
    -Integrated messaging
    -a better holo themed google finance app with plenty offline features, great holo widgets and an attractive ui. a ticker widget and support for lots of emerging markets stock exchanges as well. The current app seems like they just don't Care
    add commodity prices to google now responses
    -Add more sports to google now not just american sports. In fact google should just be a COMPREHENSIVE repository for all sports scores past and current for all sports including live sports widgets that look stock. Add scores for soccer, golf, rugby, EVERYTHING.
    -holo themed notepad application
    offline handwriting recognition application like google handwriting for taking notes
    - offline voice assistant: majel
    - a phone call manager that allows me to calculate my phone call usage and set the call rates so I can monitor calls.
    - ability to set timers for automated sms in messaging app. In fact timed messages for everything including email and gchat
    - location aware, timer aware profiles which allow me to set: appearance of the device, hide certain apps (like games at work), change the volume and the type of alerts eg. Have a serious ringtone for the work profile and a play full one for home profile; and set particular conditions for profiles eg WiFi on etc
    - themes for appearance
    - call barring, divert, speed dial, call waiting, caller Id toggle
    -sms canned responses
    - stock weather widget. I've been trawling the web looking for weather icons that fit in the design of my phone/tab still not Completely satisfied ive found it
    - ability to easily set any sound as a ringtone or message alert
    - high res google contacts photos PLEASE!!!!!!!
    - deeeeep FACEBOOK integration: just bury the hatchet dammit. Is. Status updates in people app, ability to go to someones profile from contacts and post to their wall or send Facebook message directly or poke/like from ppl app without having to go into Facebook app. Ability to post to any social network directly from the google bar at top is an option pops up after having entered text. Include Facebook messenger into integrated messaging app and other third party instant messaging clients eg WhatsApp.
    - some way to make navigating the app tray easier when you have tons of apps. Switching between apps and widgets is easy but from first apps page to the middle apps page takes a lot of unnecessary swiping
    - history function in chrome with entries separated by date. and use those tiles on new tab page for favourites which i set like firefox not recent pages.
    - ability to set a homepage in chrome
    Allow me to set desktop version as default in tablet chrome
    - PC suite-like application not just some browser based thing but a full app that even allows me to control basic functions of the phone SMS, call, connection, even use some apps eg whatsapp. Kinda like tablet talk for example.
    -Stock compass, voice recorder, weather app
    - get creative with the multiple sensors on android phones eg the proximity sensor for switching of/on the screen or changing music tracks or navigating around the phone or snoozing alarms etc. Looks really cool has a lot of ''showoff value'' and could be a unique feature of android. Eg when someone sees I have a cool nexus phone and ask me ''what can it do'' the first thing I show them is the proximityscreenoff app. Second is the use of the proximity sensor to change music tracks then third is google now
    - stock paintbrush type app with lots of features eg insert text and insert shapes select, fill, brush, effects etc
    - ability to hide system folders or pics from gallery like quickpic
    - better app discovery on google play store. Its solo hard to find cool holothemed apps. I literally check www.holoeverywhere.com every week and tech blogs every day for this.
    - take of the silly android Smiley's in messaging app. They look weird
    - ability to use nicknames (set in people app) for sending texts or searching for contacts or doing anything. Its more intuitive that way.
    - ability to add pictures or logos to a calendar entry
    Ability to add google maps based addresses in contacts. Not just static text
    - system wide feature to translate text like what google demonstrated for currents at IO
    - whenever I type in a person's name or nickname or a favourite place the phone must recognise this and say and a popup of the contact should pop up. for eg when adding a part I pant to the a meeting or event in the calendar app just like an extension of local device search
    -did I mention high res photos in people app? No arguments, just do it google...
    - don't link the media consumption apps to the google play stores. Eg I am using a nexus 7 in a non us country and therefore the video app is missing from my app drawer although it is definayely installed on the device. Same with books although I have my three free books plus the nexus guide book on my galaxy nexus. These media consumption appsnshould just be that. Apps. Any integration with the corresponding stores should be in as in obtrusive a way so that non us or UK users don't get stiffed or don't have to constantly look at content they can't buy. Its ridiculous that I now HAVE to find a third party video player app cos of this.
    - improved clock application with world clock and ability to put clock widgets with different timezones on home screen. Want to know at a glance what the time is in another country and see whether its a decent time to phone someone for eg
    -countdown timer widget from clock app. Also a current event widget. Eg a widget that all say: right now a certain event is happening like the Olympic opening ceremony for eg. With start and finish times and touching the widget links to the website or the calendar entry or whatever
    - stock automation app like on{x} without the need for knowing coding
    Ability to mount a flash to my tab without rooting

    PS: glad google got the message with the nexus q. Nice to know even multi billion dollar companies can admit when they are wrong. :-)

    More feature requests on the way... if you agree with any of these please spread the word, maybe google is listening

  • It will be called katayef

  • Keep the suggestions coming guys! I'm writing them down! :-D

  • I really like the new handwrite. Hoping that goes system wide. A bit more polished and offline for speed.

  • jafa Aug 4, 2012 Link to comment

    and what about the polished combination of google translate with text to speach and augmented reality with google maps?

  • chinu Aug 4, 2012 Link to comment

    yup..... true......

  • That bugged me too. But I'm running flash on JB. If your rooted, you basically just have to restore Flash from ICS ROM using Titanium Backup. Works great!

    But official support would of course be better.

  • chinu Aug 4, 2012 Link to comment

    the main thing...... flash support which is not there in JB.......

  • Great ideas ! You both really got me thinking with your suggestions!

  • My wish list for features in Agent K of Android. Btw it could be called Kulfi and Kunafa also.
    1. ButterScotch: Project butter was great but I've noticed that over time jellybean starts becoming laggy. The answer to this is ButterScotch.
    Butterscotch is the lost version of Android. It is version 1.1. The One. Android developers always knew that fragmentation was a huge problem on the platform. Even before the mad race for features began with cupcake, Android had a plan to defeat this formidable enemy called fragmentation. Butterscotch was that plan. It will make Android faster, tinier and easily installable on all versions of Android. Making the entire platform one. Means your old dusty HTC g1 and your new shiny Samsung GS3 both will run the exact same ROM with the only difference being the hardware and its capabilities. Butterscotch also makes it easier for you to root your device (not saying you should), for your manufacturer to build and later upgrade their custom skins, and much much more.
    2. Improvements in battery consumption.
    3. Google Now offline: how is that even possible? You ask. Google Now offline learns from the way you use your device to automate the tasks that you do manually. Like switching on your wifi at home, changing your ringtone to something professional at work, lowering your ringtone volume when you're in a meeting. It will also do tasks like download maps that you regularly need to commute when you're connected to wifi so that you save on data when you're on the road.
    4. Game Center within Google play: like the one recently announced by Amazon.
    5. Wifi syncing with my other devices.
    6. Multiple user accounts.
    7. The chrome browser should be as fast as opera mini on slow speed networks or connections.
    8. Wifi mirroring the device on your PC. Control your device on your PC. Read notifications, reply to whatsapp messages, etc from your PC.
    9. Offline podcasts support on Google music. Browse, schedule downloads and radio alarms.
    10. Offline videocasts. Make video casts easily and upload to YouTube. Show off your Android.
    11. More accurate voice typing.
    12. Swype by default. If there's one thing that differentiates my Android from my iOS, that would be Swype.
    13. More Multi touch interactions system wide.
    14. Multi Sim support: how? Wouldn't it be cool if you could insert your Sim save the information on that Sim on the device and then switch your Sim and then use both networks simultaneously without having the Sim itself inserted. Too futuristic. Hmmmmm.
    15. That's all for now. :) let's leave something for the future versions of Android eh.

  • jafa Aug 4, 2012 Link to comment

    first of all, I am still waiting for the pc mode. then I would focus on the content generation facility like the apple interactive ebook generator app or easy Web to app conversion. selective availability of services in different countries is still a problem. I wouldn't mind as well to unify messengers/gmail/g+ and further integration of Google services in siri-like app.

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