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Android Key Lime Pie Confirmed By Google Employee
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Android Key Lime Pie Confirmed By Google Employee

The Android operating system has certainly come a long way, and it is rather interesting to see how Google gave nicknames to all of their mobile operating system versions from Android 1.0 onward. They all follow this sequence of a dessert that start off in an alphabetical order, and right now with Android 4.2, we are at Jelly Bean, with plenty of speculation going on that the next major update to Android would be Key Lime Pie.


Well, many folks, including myself, did look forward to the release of Android 4.2 before it was officially announced, and we were hoping that it would have made the evolutionary jump to Key Lime Pie. Alas, pundits and observers alike were to be disappointed as Android 4.2 came across as yet another iteration of Jelly Bean, meaning Key Lime Pie would just have to wait for another day.

Well, there is not much need to wait any longer, as confirmation has arrived that Key Lime Pie will be the official name of the future Android release, thanks to the efforts of a Google employee known as Manu Cornet.

Manu Cornet illustrated a comic which he then posted on his Google+ account, where it depicted the evolution of the famous green Android robot. The chart itself is hauntingly familiar, and we have seen it before where humans were said to have evolved from apes to the modern day Homo Sapien. Well, the green Android robot does start to stand “erectus” from Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) onward, which reflects the true picture of Android at that point in time.

Notice that the Android robot is snacking on something right after Jelly Bean, and it sure as heck resembles a piece of pie with cream, and who can miss out that bit of lime? Watch the smile on his face, and be prepared for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in due time. No idea on how much patience we will need to expend on this one.


Source: Android Pipe

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