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Android KitKat Announced

Android KitKat Announced

After much speculation with most of us getting comfortable with calling Android 5.0Key Lime Pie”, here we are with the official announcement from Google that the next version of Android 4.4 will be known as Android KitKat. Did this name disappoint you? I think it is a brilliant move, since KitKat is an easily identifiable brand name that many more would be familiar with compared to Key Lime Pie.

android kitkat
Android KitKat announced! / © Google


In the words of Google, “Prepare for a sweet new treat. Android is the operating system that powers over 1 billion smartphones and tablets. Since these devices make our lives so sweet, each Android version is named after a dessert: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean. As everybody finds it difficult to stay away from chocolate we decided to name the next version of Android after one of our favorite chocolate treats, Kitkat®!"

What do you think of Android KitKat? Do you like it, or do you think that it should be called something else? Perhaps it is now time to take a break from iOS, and have a KitKat instead.

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  • H.T Sep 12, 2013 Link to comment

    Note 3 should debut with it.. I might actually get it then..

  • question is when will it arrive ?

  • Since you continue to devolve with goofy childish names, why not just go all the way and call it Enfamil 00001. God forbid you use a name that is more mature than what a 10 year-old can relate to.

  • haha, nice one Kris. How about Lemon drop?

  • Next up: Licorice Strap!

  • I like the name (although I liked Key Lime Pie too) what I'm not so delighted about is that instead of being version 5.0 it's now a .1 step-up from where we are now with 4.3, does this mean it wont be as big a change from Jellybean

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Sep 3, 2013 Link to comment

    Now they have something for K what will be the next version of android be from the letter L? Good on Google for announcing this because now I'm way excited

  • A good way for Google to keep things fresh. If they're not going to be jumping to a new version of the OS right away, might as well update the current one continually. Hello kit-kat!

  • I think it's a good way to separate all the Key Lime Pie speculations from what will actually be released as KitKat. But we've still got some time to speculate under the new moniker!

  • Thats way sweet lol to bad I'm still on ice cream I'm not big on jelly beans so maybe I can jump one version when it comes out lol

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