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Android 4.4 KitKat problems continue to plague Nexus 4, 5 & 7

Authored by: Sterling Keys — Jan 29, 2014

In November 2013, Google released Android 4.4 KitKat to its Nexus devices and almost immediately, users reported issues being caused by the update to the latest version of Android. After a few quick fixes and updates later, we’re now sitting at Android 4.4.2 and we’re still getting reports of bugs and issues. 

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Getting updates first on your Nexus device has its advantages and curses. / © AndroidPIT

One of the first bugs to pop up with the Android 4.4 update was the wonky camera in the Nexus 5 that despite offering some good technical specifications, was producing sub-par quality photos. Android 4.4.1 was rolled out in hopes of fixing this issue and then shortly afterwards, Android 4.4.2 with some more security fixes.

One of the bigger issues highlighted is the speaker and headset volume on the Nexus 5, which Kris went into detail on how to fix by doing some nitty and gritty work yourself. As well, users are complaingin about a "hissing sound" when they record video and can be attributed to some software issues tied into the microphone. While it’s nice to know that we can do something about it, it’s definitely something Google should be looking into and fixing themselves. Furthermore, issues with missing calls when connected to Wi-Fi seem to be still widespread and while easily cured with a quick reboot, the issue resurfaces from time to time. 

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Sure, there are workarounds for some of the problems, but shouldn't Google roll it out themself? / © Android Lab

A redditor has even compiled a list of 27 issues currently known to him and replicated on his Nexus 4 and has received a ton of responses from other users who have started to keep track of their own bugs and issues and adding to the list. After looking, I can easily say that I’ve noticed some of the more minor bugs popping up on my Nexus 7 after the update. Here's to hoping for a quick release of another Android update from Google, Android 4.4.3 perhaps. 

Are there are other issues that you’ve noticed on your Nexus devices since updating to KitKat? Are they are a part of the compiled list of bugs or something brand new?

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From all the way over on Vancouver Island, Sterling Keys started off his smartphone adventure with an HTC S710 equipped with Windows Mobile and knew there had to be something better. Over the next few years, and countless different operating systems, he has finally found his home on Android.


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  • Raindance Rob Mar 2, 2014 Link to comment

    guess iv been lucky as i havent had any issues at all with my Nexus 5 on 4.4.2

  • s2law Feb 3, 2014 Link to comment

    I have the N5 on 4.4.2. My issues are:-

    *Constant calls dropping
    *Video is awful if in medium to low light settings
    *Camera takes forever to focus

    Aside from these major issues I love my phone, Google did offer to replace it but I'm confident that this is a software glitch as I had no such issues with 4.4.1 or 4.4.

  • DeeDee Goodman Jan 31, 2014 Link to comment

    My nexus 5 came stock with 4.4.2, and I continue to have issues with alot of my apps. Most of them (esp browser) freeze and crash regularly. And a few apps I've used for a long time just plain won't work, or certain features won't. I can tell Google has worked on the hardware issues, but when will all of the apps on Google play be able to catch up so they're compatible with the supposedly amazing "kit kat"??