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Android officially abandoned by Microsoft, Nokia X dies a peculiar death

Well that was a short-lived romance. No sooner had Microsoft bought Nokia and started releasing some of Nokia's existing forays into Android Land with the Nokia X, than that honeymoon has ended, everyone has decided it was a bad idea and made a beeline to have the slate wiped clean.

The Nokia X Android project will now fade into the mists of legend. / © AndroidPIT

The Nokia X2 only just appeared last month, and while we weren't terribly impressed by the phone that looked like a bar of soap it was still nice to see another manufacturer doing things outside the familiar mold. In all fairness, when Microsoft's plans to buy Nokia broke we all thought Nokia's Android plans would never see the light of day, but Microsoft bravely let the X project float to see how it fared: which wasn't well. In reality it was all a bit of a miracle that Microsoft let two Android devices appear at all.

nokiax tela
Perhaps the Nokia X was always bound to fail, but it was a nice idea. / © AndroidPIT

Not surprisingly, select Nokia X products will be refitted with Windows Phone and continue as Lumia phones, but Nokia's Android prospects have officially come to a halt. The sad part of the story is that along with the Android platform, 18,000 employees are set to walk out of Microsoft as well, as part of their biggest layoff ever. Whether the culling of Android is the reason behind this massive layoff or just another symptom of other issues at Microsoft we'll have to wait and see. But if you already picked up a Nokia X or Nokia X2, hold onto it, as it's about to become a collector's item.

What did you think of the Nokia X? Are you surprised to see Microsoft abandon Android?

Via: The Verge Source: Microsoft


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    Deactivated Account Aug 28, 2014 Link to comment

    At first I liked Nokia's idea of a phone that was all Android no Google. Until it became obvious their idea was to use Android as a candy wrapping for Windows. So they weren't really sincere in their efforts with Android, which is a shame. It's their loss.

  • Well that didn't surprise me.Nokia X was a bad device and was bound to fail.