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Buying A New Phone: When To Wait And When To Buy?

Buying A New Phone: When To Wait And When To Buy?


(picture from Zdnet)

I don't know about you guys, but have you ever went out and bought an Android phone or tablet, brought it home to play with it, set up all the homescreens exactly how you wanted them, went to bed feeling happy with your new purchase just to wake up the next day to the announcement that a newer, sexier looking version of the device you JUST BOUGHT with way better/upgraded hardware had just been announced?

That's literally how a lot of people feel inside after reading that announcement! And then you start punishing yourself..''why didn't I wait? If I had just waited a few days longer I would have known about this and bought that instead!“. Then all of a sudden, that brand new toy that you just bought starts to already feel outdated.

Silly isn't it? With all the new and awesome devices that are currently out, it's already hard enough to make a buying decision. But with all the new devices that are announced and rumored to be COMING out, it's even harder. Sure, good things come to those who wait. But if you wait forever, you never end up buying anything right? With computers and the tech world in general, pretty much anything you buy is gonna be outdated within a few months. But with Android, man oh man is it hard. New devices are literally being announced EVERYDAY, and just when you get your heart set on something, something better comes along.

How do you guys decide on which phone or tablet to buy, and when? I'm really interested to know how you judge when it's time to wait, and when it's time to buy!

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  • @Martin. I couldnt agree more. Androids marketing on phones and especially tablets has been a disaster compared to the amounts of effort and money that Apple put into doing this. Lets hope that changes in 2012 :)

  • I can't help to think that Apple Marketing hat the edge here: No product announcement before the device is ready.

    The early announcement is probably meant to stop you from buying the competition. But in reality they cannibalizing there own sales.

    Transformer is a good example. Those who want it buy it and nothing else. Yet ASUS made the mistake to announce the Prime early. Now all potential Transformer customers wait until the Transformer is available.

    Some might now say: But the Transformer is available — HERE. Which brings me to another common marketing blunder of the Android producers: Not making the products available world wide in short time.

    And last not least: Up until recently Apple device cycle was precisely one year. That was pretty neat as it allows proper long term planning.

    As it is the Android vendors do anything wrong what can be done wrong (in marketing that is).

  • @Raven - Thats quite an upgrade! From single core to quad is definitely a worthy upgrade. If only I was patient enough to do such things :)

  • I am using a dell streak (single core) . I think I have waited long enough. I am now getting a tegra 3 - Asus Padfone (quad core)

  • It is called cyclical consumption and planned obsolescence. The "need" to get a new phone often is fabricated by society. I still have and use my 2006 S/E P990, and while I have (had) newer phones I've also saved a good amount of money.

  • These stupid smartphones have me hooked purchasing a new always top of the line every six months for about three years now. They just keep getting better & better! Finally I've had my recent one for a year now and I wrote a list with all the features important too me and waited till a phone came out with all of those features. Now I just gotta choose between 3 different phones?! Of course if I waited a couple months.....

  • I refuse to be locked into a contract after breaking away from Apple / AT&T two years ago. Since I passed the iPhones down to the wife and kids, I've been using a Garminfone I picked up off eBay for $60.

    I hate the phone, but I don't want to pay $400+ for a decent phone either. At this point I've been trying to win a phone from the various Android blogs, but I haven't lucked out yet. Also I keep my eye out on eBay and Craigslist for good deals.

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