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Android Q's new default gestures won't be the end of OEM gestures
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Android Q's new default gestures won't be the end of OEM gestures

Google is in favor of standardizing gestures across smartphones with the new Android navigation gestures of Android Q. While this would make it easier to get used to a new phone, what does it mean for custom OEM gestures you may already be a fan of?

Google Project Manager for Android System UI Allen Huang told Android Authority that Google won't be forcing manufacturers to give up their custom navigation gestures. Google will encourage OEMs to adopt the new default gestures for the sake of consumers, since it will make the experience of navigating "simple to learn and understand", and for the sake of developers, since they have the challenge of deciding which gestures trigger specific actions. Nevertheless, according to Huang, Google sees third-party gestures as a power user option and he thinks that manufacturers should retain the ability to offer them.

When setting up a device on Android Q, users are given the option to choose between the new gestures and traditional navigation buttons. Allowing users to keep the classic navigation buttons will make Android devices more accessible, by helping people who have trouble swiping, or those who don't want to adapt to the new gestures or haven't had time to yet.

The good news about the Android Q gestures is that they're mostly easy to pick up and remember, if not make a habit of using. For example: Swiping up from the home screen shows the app drawer. Swiping up from the bottom while in an app will take you home. To go back, swipe from the side of the screen.

android q gestures
Android Q's new gestures let you navigate by swiping up from apps and the home screen, and from the sides to go backward.  / © AndroidPIT

If you want to try out the new gestures, the third Android developer preview is now available to download for Pixel smartphones and several others. You can see the full list of phones, and more information on Android Q features here:

Do you prefer the alternative gestures of companies like OnePlus, the old navigation buttons, or the new Android default gestures? Let us know in the comments!

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