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Would You Buy This Android Concept Watch?

Would You Buy This Android Concept Watch?

What's more futuristic than taking a phone call from your wrist? Nothing, that's what!

Android smartwatches are the future of wearable technology, but until now they've suffered from a dearth of practical features, inflated prices, poor battery life and overly-pixelated screens. Who wants to buy an i'mWatch that costs more than a phone? Other, cheaper, alternatives like the Sony Smartwatch suffer from terrible UIs and weak battery life. Only the Pebble watch makes me excited.

Still, there remains a huge market for these kinds of devices. As the Kickstarter success of the Pebble watch shows, the public really wants to buy one, so long as its manufactured well and has a long-lasting battery.

Now comes a pretty cool concept from the graphic designer Adrian Maciburko that combines Android in watch form in an interesting way. Called "Google Time," this watch combines voice and touch interfaces in a unique UI. It's certainly the prettiest Android watch we've ever seen.


As you can see, the watch has a calendar app, Google+, voice search, weather and Google Latitude. That's certainly a tantilizing collection.

I especially like the idea of pinching the screen to get back to the homepage. I think that's absolutely brilliant. Would you ever buy an Android smart watch? I would only do so if it a) didn't come with a separate data plan, b) had a solid battery life and c) didn't cost too much. 

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  • But does it tell the time?

  • Hope it will be more attractive and power than the concept.I hope it price dont so expensive too lol

  • It has been only recently that I have looked into my need for a new watch... I want something different and helpful at the same time that gives me the ability to be notified by stuff from my phone. The only proper watch which seems to have caught my interest is the Sony SmartWatch and the Pebble. I still find these choices limiting and the SmartWatch has stunning reviews by some and others which are not so good.
    If these become a reality, had excellent features and were properly priced it would beat any other watch I have looked at. (as long as they still pair with my phone!!!!) lol

  • Boy, ya'll hit a nerve. Love to try something of our new age. Maybe it could interact with our phones.

  • the screen would have to be very scratch resistant. watches get a awful lot of knocks. not quite sold on this idea

  • android have our full range of stunning timepieces that I would proudly own and where numerous of them. In fact I'm after one as my next watch but there so attractive I need two. And I dear not look at any more of the range or ill never get on.
    Now if ttis watches are just what I see in. graphic design on the screen then there must be a mistake. I can't conceive a more boring, plain object being referred as a watch! This is really a sad. joke when designing a watch for a computer device or one for personal attachment.
    I'm not even going to comment on the concept opportunities in the abilities one could incorporate into a timepiece. my lord I'm exploding with features that could be invented as a interface/linkage and data, power, communicative, Bioelectric neural exchange and storage layers of time variants, universal key and energy propelling spatial analytic. feedback system reciprocal, dimentional portal . This is a device that could literally be KING KONG of answers and superuser of all tech imaginable. The potential here is a wrist watch that is a statement of personality but it still looks like a wow bit of bling.
    I may continue on actualities and concepts arriving with logic and imaginative realisms of incorproble facets of something befitting an invention that commands everything possible and probable for pure respect of exemplary innovation and existential assurity.

  • I love it!!!

  • My sentiments are the same as those above.

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