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Tablet Shipments Up 6.3% In Q3. Apple Loses 15% Market Share
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Tablet Shipments Up 6.3% In Q3. Apple Loses 15% Market Share


We all know that despite some very good products from multiple OEMs, Android tablet shipments got off to a pretty rough start. Apple has long dominated this space with the iPad, and even though Amazon and Asus have made good progress with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, the market is still yet to see an Android tablet that firmly establishes itself among consumers. That being said, new reports from IDC indicate that Apple might be losing its foothold on the tablet market, as iPad shipments are apparently on a small but steady decline.

Apple was still responsible for more than 50% of the 27.8 million tablets that were shipped in Q3, but was significantly down from 65.5% market share that they held in Q2. This could naturally be due to consumers waiting for the iPad mini, but IDC predicts that many of those would be mini buyers might steer towards Android tablets due to the iPad mini’s 329 dollar price point.

Samsung came in 2nd place with over 5 million tablets shipped, thereby increasing their market share to 18.4%. Amazon and Asus also both had solid quarters, with each company shipping around 2.5 million tablets.

IDC predicts that Android tablets will overtake the iPad by 2015, and if these numbers are any indicator, they might just be right. Microsoft is also turning up the heat with their incoming arsenal of Windows 8 tablets, which could also eat into both Apple’s and Android’s marketshare.

With the release of the Nexus 10 and new versions of the Nexus 7 (along with a Note 10.1 that appears to be doing solid), Android has never been in a better position to make some serious noise in the tablet market.

One thing is certain: There’s never been a better time to buy a tablet. Are you planning on buying one?

Source: Engadget


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  • I really hope that Samsung comes up with some funky keyboard dock for the Note 10.1. I love it with my Prime - full usb and additional SD card slots and all. Got a chance to play around with a Note 10.1 and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Good job Samsung.

  • @ Glostermeter I can beloved it I just bough a 1 TB HDD and will be getting a surface pro (its sadly not an android but it runs FULL windows 8 and has a isbn 3.0)

  • N3TQV Nov 5, 2012 Link to comment

    I have owmed an inepensive tab running Android 2.3 for about twlo mnths and thibk it is great. Replaced my laptop, travels well and surfs the inet great. All for les than $100. Prices ate ropping and I'm sur after Christmas there will be lots of discounts. But, as you can see, the on screen keypad could still use some work. Yep, its the "thang* of the future.

  • I happen to own an iPad 2 for work and an Asus Transformer TF300 for play. While the iPad is good it will never replace my PC, it is far too limited and does not provide much connectivity or expansion. My TF300 has however replaced my laptop (with my trusty 500GB HDD for company). The implication being that unless Apple change their stance on connectivity and storage an iPad will only ever be an accompaniment to another device, it will never be able to rule in its own right, that spells trouble for Apple long term as people will not have multiple devices for much longer, which is why Microsoft have come out with Surface.

  • Have a new iPad and love it

  • Hopefully I will get a Nex7 and a Nex10 soon :-)

  • NOTE 10.1 FTW :)

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Nov 5, 2012 Link to comment

    bought one and suggesting that others do as well

  • Linda Nov 5, 2012 Link to comment

    I wish I could buy one disability doesn't pay much so for now I will have to use my phone.