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Android use rises as iOS and Windows Phone drop

Android has long dominated the mobile market, and the latest figures from Kantar show that this is not going to change any time soon. The launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus served to boost sales for Apple, but Android remains firmly in place at the top. Throughout Europe, Android manages to hold onto 73.9% of the market, while iOS accounts for 15.4%, and Windows Phone finds itself in third place with 9.2%.

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Despite competition from the iPhone 6, Android's usage beats iOS and Windows Phone. © ANDROIDPIT

Kantar's figures cover up to September, and it is interesting to see how market share has changed over the last 12 months. In the US, Windows Phone dropped from 4.6% to just 4.3%, and iOS fell from 35.9% to 32.6%. BlackBerry usage also tumbled from 1% to 0.6%, and Android was the only platform to see a jump in usage – from 57.3% to 61.8% of the market. The launch of handsets such as the LG G3 and Motorola Moto X have helped to boost sales.

Android's share across Europe is slightly fragmented. For example, in the UK Android usage stands at 58.2% compared to iOS at 31% and Windows Phone at 9.6%. This is a slightly different story to Germany where Android usage is rather higher. Here, Android occupies 79.2% of the market (up from 77.9% the previous year), while iOS has 11.8% (up from 10.7%), and Windows Phone accounts for 7.1% (down from 8.5%).

Have you made the switch to Android from another mobile OS, or have you been a dedicated user for some time?


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  • came from Blackberry curve series back in 2010, first android was the HTC Evo and it blew my mind :] G3 currently, rooted and quite frankly I'll never switch.. played with the New iphone6 and yes it's smooth but I'd feel like I was locking myself in a jail cell to own one.. Android really does kick ass!

  • I agree. Using android for a long time but planning to try the iphone 5s because the design that i really like it, but after read certain article how complicated iphone can be(i have ipod nano 5th gen)and i agree its so complicated. I cant transfer,copy paste and backup thousand of my song into another mp3 brand. Its really ridiculous.

    While android give user more open source and control their smartphone. One only i hate bout android is lagging, even my phone have 2gb ram

  • Since I changed my Symbian Nokia C5 - 03 for the Galaxy S3 Mini I'm never going to any other OS than Android. I've tried (seen) them all and Android is simply the best in every aspect :)
    Getting a Galaxy S5 this Christmas :)

  • I have been a dedicated user of Android since the HTC Evo. I ditched my Palm Pre for Android, and no other operating system works for me on a phone but Android.

  • The sky's the limit with Android; with iOS it's limited and controlled.

  • I came into Android from Windows about 3 years ago. I always liked business related functions of windows and it's stability but in the end it was the lack of any apps that made me switch. Whenever it's time for a new phone I take a look, but so far no advantage over Android with their latest OS.