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Why I Got Thrown Out Of A T-Mobile Store
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Why I Got Thrown Out Of A T-Mobile Store


(picture from Doug Schwarz via Flickr.com)

Here's a story that me and my friend found so funny, I thought I would share it. I had it up on XDA a while ago, and it turned into a pretty heated discussion. I'm curious to see how you guys feel about it and if you feel my actions where justified, or if you think (as some did) that I was being a prick.

So a good friend of mine decided to go and pick up the iPhone 4 a few months ago. He knows how I feel about Android, and he's also admitted that after seeing all the features of my then Nexus One that he was tempted to "switch sides“ . But he still decided to get one anyway. No problem. So I go to T-Mobile with him to put some more money in Apples bank account...AGAIN....

We walk in the store and ask for an iPhone 4 to play with, and since there wasn’t one on display at the time (guess people steal them) they said we can play with the model they have open to the public if we do it in the presence of one of the T-Mobile employees. Again, no problem.

So the saleswoman comes up and pulls the iPhone out of her pocket and hands it to him. He starts to play with it and asks me “Does your Nexus One have a larger display?”. I pull it out and lay it down next to the iPhone so he can compare. Now keep in mind, I'm American and my friend is British, but we both live in Berlin, Germany. When I lay my phone down next to it, she says in German “Oh you can't honestly compare the iPhone to any Android phone. It's just on another level”. I smile, as I can speak German, but I didn’t want to take on a salesman with my broken German. My friend then asks if she speaks English. Then then replies in perfectly spoken English “Why yes, I lived in the UK for many years”. Go time….

So I nicely ask her…”when you said its on another level, could you give me an example how”? She replies “ Where do I start? Firstly, the camera is great. It has a 5mp camera that’s much better than the 3GS model”. I say “So does mine, and it came out 6 months ago”. She then says “ It shoots video in very high quality 720p”. I replied “um..yeah so does mine” (who cares if a hack enabled this feature..it still does :-D) She then says “Something that’s also been added is that the phone can now multitask with all the apps you want in the background“. I replied “um, not really". I then explained (thank God I had Quickdesk installed) “what it can do is have specified applications that can be chosen to run in parallel to one another, like this” ( I then used quickdesk to show EXACTLY what the iPhones “multitasking“ looks like and what it actually does). I then said, “true multitasking can do this…” I then loaded up my SNES emulator, booted Donkey Kong Country, started playing, then turned on Eminems newest album and had it running in the background, turned on Fring and left it running in the background, and then went to Google Talk and messaged my friend Rene that I would swing by his house later and then went back to the game, still on the level I left it. Thankfully, my Enomther rooted Nexus One didn’t skip a beat.

So at this point, she starts to get upset. My buddy is chuckling to himself but is a bit embarrassed. He then asks “so how much can I buy it for without a contract”? She says “you can't actually buy the phone without a contract right now, but we have available plans that keep it affordable”. I say “That’s strange. My phone is 6 months old, has done everything that you claim only the iPhone can do, and I got it for 450 euros NEW WITHOUT CONTRACT” (eBay auction sniped in the last 15 seconds :-D ) . After adding up the insane amount of money he would have to pay for the iPhone in the end if he renewed his contract, he put the phone down and just said “hmm..”...

So now she's getting VERY upset. Not only have I just proven her to be a salesman who doesn't know nearly as much about Android OR the iPhones OS as she thought she did, she asks impatiently “so did you want to go ahead and upgrade?” I then PLAYFULLY say “Yeah man. After the way the iPhone just pretty much owned my Nexus with everything she just said, you'd be dumb not to buy it right”? She then took the iPhone, walked over to her manager and talked to him for like 2 minutes. They both came back and the manager says “I'm sorry sir, but we re going to have to ask you to leave the store. If your friend wishes to upgrade, you will need to wait outside“. He then says “It's ok..I think I wanna have a think about it before I upgrade”. I say thank you to the manager and that “I'm sorry if I made anyone upset. I just wanted to defend my phone against the comment the salesperson said about it earlier”. We then walked out, and my friend starts BUSTING out laughing. But the GREATEST thing is that 30 minutes later, we walked into Vodafone, and we walked out 20 minutes later….with his brand new Nexus One (and he's LOVING it).

Now, if she would have known her stuff, she could have said “it has a front facing camera, higher screen resolution, ect (which I could have still countered with “useless if your friends don’t all have smartphones with front facing cams, ect ect). There are A LOT of things about the iPhone that you can make great points about in the "Android vs IOS debate. But she didn’t. Sorry, but I've work as a marketing manager and have done sales before. So if your gonna attack something that I know a bit about, you better know your stuff.

Whats the moral of this story? If you're gonna buy an iPhone...fine. But if you want to enter a debate about why you feel it's a better device and why it's "on another level", KNOW YOUR STUFF, because we certainly do (thanks to the awesome and intelligent Android community).

Just thought you guys might find that story as funny as we did. 

BTW, I dont encourage making anyone lose a sale at ANY type of store. What I did was self defense, not provocation. The last thing I want is to cost someone a sale. 

What do you guys think? Would you have done the same?


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  • Appreciate the support! I really wondered if that would have happened in the US as well? Oh well...like you said showgirl..it should be all about CHOICE!!!

  • If I were the owner of the store, I'd just simply fire those two managers. How unprofessional - just can't believe it! Good job, Eric! You did great showing people that you DO know the subject and your choice of OS is really yours :)

  • I couldnt believe it myself! I could understand it if I were just plain out bashing the iphone and being rude. But I really wasnt. I like debating with iPhone users, and I have a lot of respect for the iPhone. But that really made me think twice about ever opening my mouth again. Weird, as the store sold a lot of Android phones as well.

  • Good job. But the response from the store management is incredible. Sad really, sad.