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AndroidPIT Wants YOUR Feedback! When Do YOU Visit AndroidPIT?

AndroidPIT Wants YOUR Feedback! When Do YOU Visit AndroidPIT?

Here at AndroidPIT, we want to do the best we can to keep our readers happy and always coming back for more! In an effort to get more feedback from our readers, I wanted to find out more about what times you read our site, if you access them from a PC or more from a phone, and what you would like to see to make visiting our site a better experience. We can only improve if we get the feedback from our readers, so do me a favor and take 5 minutes here to hit me off with some feedback! I just have a couple of questions for you guys, and I would love to hear from you!

So normally, I walk into the office between 9:15 and 9:45AM Berlin time. For those of you that didn't know, our office is in Berlin Germany, but we operate globally by having our website in a variety of languages, and have a Country Manager and content team for each language. In an effort to reach more US users during "prime times", I volunteered to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from my home from 4PM to 12AM  Berlin time. Right now for me, it's 11:04PM. Now I'm originally from the US (Virginia, Tampa Florida, I've lived all over the east coast) and I know that where I'm from on the east coast that there's a 6 hour time difference. On the west coast the time difference can be 8 hours plus, meaning that when I'm writing articles in the moring here in Berlin, that it's 3 or 4AM (if not earlier) in most parts of the states. This is of course great for our english readers in Europe and the rest of the world, but not exactly prime time for America.

So my question to you is, regardless of what part of the world your in, at what times (YOUR current local time) do you normally visit AndroidPIT? When you wake up, are we at the bottom of your Twitter feed, or more at the top? Do you visit other Android sites before visiting ours, and if yes, for which reason (please be brutally honest :-D)? Do you find that the time I'm posting THIS article is a good time in comparison to when we normally blog? Is there something you would like to see more or less of here at AndroidPIT, and if yes, could you give us a few details? Do you check us often on the weekends, more in the morning, or more at night (please list in which country/state you live in so that we can organize the data we receive and find a way to improve)? Do you find us the most coming from Twitter, Facebook, Google, or from somewhere else?  Also, are you reading this article from your PC now, or from your phone or tablet?

I'm really curious to hear your feedback, and believe me when I say that your answers will go a long way in helping us to improve. I look forward to hearing your comments below or in our forums, and thanks to everyone who participates! It really means a lot to us!

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  • Guys, this is GREAT. I cant say thank you enough for all this feedback, and its great seeing we have so many readers all over the world! We have also often wondered, as we also find the community is pretty quiet.

    We're gonna take this input your giving us, combine it with our Google Analytics traffic info, and find a way to be even more effective.

    Again, thank you guys, and I hope the comments keep coming!

  • I visit the site pretty much every day. I'm afraid I'm an Android Pit Junkie. I love the Blogs and News. I'm even interested in hearing about devices that I don't own. I love to catch up with what is happening in the Android World.... so it only takes but a moment to check if there has been an update.

    Pity that some of the Blogs/News drop off the mobile device....particularly when I want to share some news with a friend.

  • I'm from South Africa which is GMT+2. I usually visit once a day around 12 PM our time, and visit later the day to check some of the comments.

  • I have RSS feeds on AndoidPIT (german news, english news and some of the forum) — I visit when the headline or teaser shows up something interesting.

    That means there is no fixed time, It could be any waking hour for Central Eropean Time.

  • red Mar 14, 2012 Link to comment

    I'm in California (PST) and I normally launch the Android program around 10 am to check the Android news of the day. I am confident I will read the latest and cutting edge info. I occasionally launch my RSS to read other Android news if I'm bored, but only rarely do I need a fix other than Android Pit.

    I am surprised by how many people lurk and not comment on articles. Overall, a very quiet community.

    I would suggest a way to favorite or flag blog articles because I want to be able to find them later and not forget or lose it.

    On the whole, I feel objectively informed and Android Pit is doing a great job.

  • Norwin Mar 14, 2012 Link to comment

    Hi, I'm from Costa Rica, and I'm new to AndroidPIT, for your reference it is 11pm here (two hours behind NYC time which it currently is 1am EST), particularly for me night hours are a great catch time as I use my Kindle fire just before falling asleep, is this healthy?, anyways I enjoy it. Keep it up. Thanks.

  • chinu Mar 14, 2012 Link to comment

    im from india, and im following androidpit since 2 yrs....
    whenever new blog comes here, its almost +4 hrs to me... so round between 6 or 7 IST, i see new blog....
    so from eve to night arnd 2, i can see new blogs coming out here and and i check them daily....

    Go PIT

  • Ti Mo Mar 14, 2012 Link to comment

    I live in the us at the moment(from germany) and usually go to the german androidpit when in school(around 14h berlin time) and when I come home(usually around nine Berlin time, by then all articles off the day are written :P)
    I usually don't even visit the English androidpit, but since I use pulse I added this too.
    Other thing(even if it's off topic, feed back tho): I'd be super happy if you'd overdo the app. I just don't really like it. Don't like the ui, the picture is so big and you always have to scroll sideways...
    Love androidpit, don't like the app tho.

  • gov Mar 14, 2012 Link to comment

    I visit the website a couple times a day. Normally around 9 or 10amEST. I live just a little outside of Boston. If I have time I will pass by again mid afternoon to see if anything has developed throughout the day. I'm interested in android news in general, but I find articles discussing some of the more technical aspects really interesting. I'm not very technical at all but I want to get the most out of my device(galaxy s2 skyrocket). Before this I had the htc inspire and prior to that I had a blackberry. Keep up the good work!

  • jose c Mar 14, 2012 Link to comment

    Usually as soon as I wake up, 10am. Nyc time

  • Mario Barros
    living in Macau SAR China, just to let you know that I check everyday and almost every time when not busy all articles from your BLOG , just for keeping updated how's the tech is going in other side of the world.
    I'm a android fan too!
    Good job!

  • Got it. Thanks for your feedback Cam! It really helps out!

  • all my times will be in east aus +10 timezone

    i normally take a look before work so 7:30am-9:00, middle of the day so around 12pm and then any time at night when home so say 6pm onwards

    but the kicker for me is, i often dont "visit" the site to see whats going on i usually get a notification in google reader of a new article going up and come check it out if it sounds interesting, this usually leads to some browsing around in general, but this is my normal course of action for all sites on the net not just this on

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