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Deal: 50% off extra-long charging cable for Android and iPhones

Have you ever found that the distance between your wall socket and bedside table is just a little longer than your charging cable, so your phone always sits right on the edge, just waiting to fall off? Or are you constantly swapping cables to charge your iPhone and your Android tablet? Not any more, with this great 6-foot two-in-one USB/Lightning cable, which is currently half-price, making it a handy US$19.99.

You can charge any iPhone or iPad that's equipped with a Lightning port, and pretty much all Android devices, digital cameras and other gadgets that are compatible with this cable. Plus it's a useful six feet long, meaning your charging cable will never be too short again. This deal is only on for the next week, so act fast.

AndroidPIT deals 2 in 1 USB Lightning cable
Simply pop the cap on or off the cable to charge iPhones or Android. / © StackSocial


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  • They do not make charging longer.

    • Angus P. Aug 25, 2015 Link to comment

      a long cable looses mAh. even a really long thin electricity cable will loose power, its physics. it depends on the thickness of the cable, a higher gauge cable will be more efficient.

      i have tested long charging cables, and most do loose some power compared a short cable.

  • Angus P. Aug 24, 2015 Link to comment

    long charging cables are of course useful indeed, but they do tend to make charging take longer too..

    are they any cables out there that have overcome this problem?

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