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Angry Birds Epic revealed in trailer: an RPG turn-based Medieval game
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Angry Birds Epic revealed in trailer: an RPG turn-based Medieval game

Rovio has done it again! This time the creators of Angry Birds have released a trailer for their upcoming brand-new game that is sure to get RPG and turn-based game fans in a tizzy: Angry Birds Epic. The birds have gone medieval and have swapped their slingshots for swords.

androidpit angry birds epic
© Rovio

The trailer of the new game shows us the gameplay, which is reminiscent of so many other RPG games that already exist. The birds battle other warriors and pigs, while using various weapons, like a frying pan, wooden sword or ''stick thingy with a sponge on top''.

androidpit angry birds epic 3
More characters to come me thinks! © Angry,birds,epic

So far we know two of the characters, a Knight and a Mage, but I can imagine there will be a huge flock of medieval and fantasy characters to come, like feathered warlocks, pig-faced witches, dashing princes etc. Lets just hope that Rovio won’t put too much emphasis on in-app purchasing in order for players to advance in the game where they are forced to buy more armor and strength power upgrades to get anywhere.

Link to video

The game is being released in Canada, Australia and New Zealand today to a select few in order to gather data on the product’s usage and see how well it is received by Android users. There is no date as of yet when the game will be available for all to enjoy.

androidpit angry birds epic 2
© Rovio

What do you think about this new Angry Birds version?

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