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Angry Birds Space – The Saga Continues
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Angry Birds Space – The Saga Continues

If ever there was a cult game to have surfaced in the past few years, it's Angry Birds. But while the app has enjoyed an enormous amount of success and popularity, a lot of gamers have grown somewhat tired of it for fault of having played it over and over again. Even Angry Birds Rio couldn't hit that 'I'm thirsting for a new gameplay' spot.

Rovio seems to have gotten wise to the gamers' ennui and has come up with Angry Birds Space. Will it prove to be as big of a hit as its predecessor? Our predictions after the jump! 


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.1 2.2.12

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Mods: MCR

First impressions: Angry Birds Space looks great. There are bubbles, there are flying pigs and an animated outer space setting—what more could you ask for?

Anyway, the birds are on the hunt again, chasing the pigs across four different 'worlds', the fourth of which is currently available for free on Samsung devices. Each world contains 4 levels and come with a unique design.

And now for a little bit of déjà-vu: shooting birds at pigs in fortresses—sounds familiar?
Of course, there are different types of birds: exploding ones, one bird that turns into three, strong birds, big birds... The new kid in town is a bird that can change direction after you've launched him, meaning hidden pigs or hard-to-reach pigs are more vulnerable than ever.
The ice bird causes everything to freeze and burst when he explodes.

Another new twist is the gravity factor. Some of the pigs are hiding on planets and moons with varying degrees of gravitational pull, meaning you have to gage how far a bird has to fly in order to hit the pigs.
Some pigs are in gravity free zones, so keep that in mind.

Bottom line:

Angry Birds Space makes for a nice change from the classic Angry Birds, but it's close enough to the original to satisfy fans. It's lots of fun to play, so give it a go!

Screen & Controls

The Angry Birds Space controls are easy to use, in fact controls are so good that the app has become a reference point when discussing smart and well-functioning touchscreen controls.

The graphics are fun, too: they're cheery and bright and true to the well-loved Angry Birds spirit, with an added galactic feel.

Speed & Stability

Angry Birds Space runs super fluidly and solidly.

Price/Performance Ratio

Angry Birds Space can be downloaded for free. There are a few annoying ad banners that force you to zoom out, but I can live with them. If you find them to be too obtrusive, try the premium version for 76 Euro Cents.


Angry Birds Space – The Saga Continues Angry Birds Space – The Saga Continues Angry Birds Space – The Saga Continues


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