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Angry Piggy (Adventure) --

I must confess that I am beginning to loathe all the apps that are riding on the coat tails of the Angry Birds hype. Some of said apps' names and market descriptions barely escape allegations of plagiarism. But here I am, testing out Angry Piggy (Adventure) for you all—never let it be said that I am not open to new things or to stepping outside of my comfort zone! And honestly: I am very pleasantly surprised with today's featured app! Find out more in today's review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.2 2.0.4

Features & Use

Test device
Samsung Nexus S
Android version: 4.0.1
Root: Yes
Modifications: Cyagenmod 9 Alpha 11

App details
Runs as of: Android 2.0
Apps2SD: Ja
Post-installation size: ca. 11.2 MB

System tools
Your accounts
Network communication
Phone calls
Your location

I know you've all heard of Angry Birds; even if you haven't yet played the game there's no escaping the oversaturated presence of its logo—it's even being used as a pattern to make fancy evening gowns (oh yes, take a look for yourselves).

If the app's name isn't indicative enough of the fact thatAngry Piggy (Adventure) is – ahem – strongly inspired by Angry Birds, check out the description: 'Remember the green pigs and stupid birds in Angry Birds? This time, you'll meet cooler, cuter and smarter Piggy and Bird...'. Despite a few oh-so-subtle similarities, the gameplay is actually quite different to Angry Birds'.

The protagonists are a cow, pig and bird, and they are ticked off because some evil monster has stolen all of the colours from their home stomping grounds, Avelon. They decide to team up and get the colours back. Each animal has different abilities: Stezzy the pig can jump very high, Haden the bird can squeeze into tight passages and Moochew the cow can move obstacles. Players can switch from one animal to the other in every level. The goal is to collect all three colours in each level and to successfully complete each level.

So it's all about team work, but how exactly does this pan out? Let me paint you a quick picture: the cow moves a heavy rock over on to a switch. Meanwhile the bird has been positioned on a platform that begins to ascend, from where it has to knock down a small pebble that hits the switch, which in turn frees the way for the pig to collect the last blob of colour.

The first few levels are rather easy, but the later levels do present more of a challenge, meaning you will have to keep switching animals, learn to think ahead strategically and employ the objects scattered throughout the game (switches, buttons, rocks, bouncing fruit, platforms, etc) to your best advantage. The physics engine is well made, which has a positive effect on the game's overall enjoyability. But what I really enjoyed are the somewhat bizarre scenarios, e.g. the cow has to balance a plank of wood on its head to protect its buddies from an acid rain cloud.

What I didn't like so much is that there doesn't appear to be any resolution to the game's original narrative—I mean, sure we'll collect blobs of colours, but what happens to them? I would like to see a brief animation or some sort of story line in between the different scenes, to see what's happening in this world devoid of colour and the colour-stealing monster.

Bottom line:
Figuring out how to play Angry Piggy (Adventure) is not rocket science, but that is not to say that actually playing the game isn't also challenging at times. I found Angry Piggy (Adventure) lots of fun to play, but for me it's more of a time killer and less of a real contender for long-term playing.

Screen & Controls

Angry Piggy (Adventure) comes in a 2D comic strip kind of look, which was not very sharp on the Nexus S. Controls are okay but they can sometimes be a bit buggy in the sense that onscreen buttons don't always do what one would like them to do. But my biggest bone of contention with the game is the overall design: the narrative is fun, it's about a monster that steals colours, and there's so much potential for making something really beautiful, quirky or funny based on this narrative–the result, however, while perfectly nice, is by no means mind blowing. Plus, the levels are all very colourful right from the get-go...

Speed & Stability

Angry Piggy (Adventure) didn't crash throughout our tests rounds, but it would occasionally lag, especially near the end of the game. The graphics are cute, but not complex enough to explain why the game lags. That said, the game is nonetheless quite enjoyable.

Price/Performance Ratio

Angry Piggy (Adventure) is available for free from the AndroidPIT App Center and Android Market.


Angry Piggy (Adventure) -- Angry Piggy (Adventure) -- Angry Piggy (Adventure) -- Angry Piggy (Adventure) --
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    Jay O. Dec 8, 2011 Link to comment

    Hi Suzane,

    The games are totally different, so it's difficult to say which one is funner, it all depends on your taste -- but I would say that if you enjoyed Angry Birds you will probably enjoy Angry Piggy (Adventure), too.

    A good tip: when you download applications from our AndroidPIT App Center you can return them within 24 hours. So what you could do is download the app from our store, try it out, keep it if you like it, and if you don't like it you can return it (within 24 hours!).

  • do this angry piggy s like angry bird or more fun is the plzzz tell me i really want to download it

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