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Another Reason NOT to Buy the Kindle Fire HD

iPad-killer? Not exactly.

Video has just been released of the Kindle Fire HD and it looks as if Amazon's latest budget entry is really, really laggy, even when tasked with very basic commands. The hands-on video posted by Droid Life makes it clear that the Kindle Fire HD fails at pinch to zoom and even scrolling. Whatever build they chose to port on top of Ice Cream Sandwich, it just ain't working.

Now, it could just be that this is a software bug that Amazon will soon fix, but you've got to wonder why they didn't do so before allowing journalists to play with the test devices on display at the Kindle Fire HD premiere.

Amazon is going to be marketing this tablet extensively over the coming weeks, but you've got to wonder what the reviews of this tablet are going to look like now that it seems it has a serious lag problem. 


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  • @Ijhaye, yup I am aware of the open source nature of Android and of course, Amazon is entitled to do with it as they please. But I pre ordered the original kindle and realized I hated the forked version of Android it ran. Non-amazon apps would likely freeze or crash due to changes done to that version of Android. Maybe they were just avoiding a lawsuit from apple with the carousel UI but it sucked then and it still sucks now. Sadly the only thing revolutionary about it is the price.

    So, it was soon rooted and it ran a CM7 leak for a while and it now runs a CM9 variant. It happily resides in my car where it performs its function as my gaming tablet during my daily commute. Would I buy one again? Before the launch I would have said maybe, but after seeing the specs and price, it's a definite No.

  • This just illustrates the biggest Android weakness, especially in older versions. The OS isn't very well optimized to start with and then they add skins and tweaks that can make it a mess. The Fire in the video isn't acting much worse than my Thrive.

  • ljhaye Sep 10, 2012 Link to comment

    @ Patrick, i would never buy any of their tablets as i'm not interested in the Kindle Ecosystem ( I also have an iPad3, which kills this garbage) but Bezos has said that Android is an OS equivalent to Linux and that they treat it as such.

    ASIDE: Andriod is open source, so anybody can do anything they want with the code, lets never forget that. Also becasue its open source they wont be suing anybody over the code ( ex. notifications) because they no longer own it once they release it to the development community.

    They [Amazon] have forked Andoid so bad that Bing is now the default search engine. The problem is that Amazon Fire is way more popular and successful than any Android tablet currently in the USA market. You could argue that the Android tablet market was broken and Amazon fixed it hence the Nexus 7 at $199.99-249.99 instead going after the $499 iPad

  • Hopefully, it is a problem a custom rom will fix. I hope Amazon quits this forked version of Android. I do realize that they offset hardware sales with content but they can do so with their bloatware, removing and blocking google store apps. You know amazon, there is a saying about trying to fix things that aint broken. Google it.

  • OMG. That video is so full of fail it's ridiculous.