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Another World – Trapped in another dimension...

Another World – Trapped in another dimension...

Ready to discover something new? You enjoy the thrill of danger (provided it’s only virtual danger, of course)? And you like something that challenges the old grey cells? Read on for our review of Another World, a game that promises to fulfil all three of the above mentioned criteria.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.9 1.2.2

Features & Use

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.2

Start Another World and a menu will appear before a backdrop picture of the game’s protagonist, standing on a cliff, arms outstretched to the wind. You can check out the credits here. The key icon at the bottom right reveals the high score, and there are three more buttons in middle of the display: The top one is to start a game, the one in the middle is for settings and the bottom one for accessing the Help feature.

Go to settings to regulate controls and the level of difficulty, as well as the resolution and graphics. The button at the top left is adjusting the volume.

There are two different options for controls: Touch and Digital pad, meaning you use either your fingers or the arrow buttons. You can duck, jump, step and – most importantly – run to the left and right. Controls are easy enough to pick up. For instance, if you’re using touch and tap on a lower corner, the character will step in that direction. Swipe upwards and the character jumps, down wards and he ducks. To get to the right, keep your finger pressed on the right side of the screen. To run, simply tap on the display twice, and tap again if you want to stop.
Weapons are also available and just as easy to use. For instance, to destroy a wall keep tapping in the corner until it’s blasted away. Use a shield whenever opponents are near (long press on a corner).
Check out the “Help” feature for more instructions on how to use the controls.

As for Another World’s story: A professor (a physicist, to be exact) is struck by lightning during a storm, and is transported into another world. The goal is to help him get back to his own world, and in order to do so you will have to master certain challenges. The progress you make is saved after each scene.

When you start off playing, select whether you’d like to see the game’s prequel narrative or not.

I have to admit that I was a bit confused by the game when I first started playing. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. You can start walking in two directions, and I wasn’t sure which one to take. It didn’t take long for me to find my bearings, however, and even master my first challenge.

What makes the game a standout for me is that it is richly diversified.

Bottom line:

Another World seems a bit complex at the beginning, but it soon turns into an enthralling gaming experience. The challenges are fun, especially because at times there seems to be more than one way of solving them, even if there is only one correct answer. If you’re like me, you’ll keep revisiting it until you’ve cracked the challenges, because once Another World has you in its grip it won’t let go!


Screen & Controls

Another World purposelly looks a little dated, or rather like something from another game era. That said, it’s nice and sharp and easy to navigate.
You can change settings and access the “Help” option in mid-game. Speaking of the “Help” option—it’s a good thing it’s there, otherwise I would’ve been mighty lost on controls when I first started playing. Once I understood them, however, I found them easy to work with.


Speed & Stability

Another World is fast and stabile. It didn’t crash at all during our test runs.


Price/Performance Ratio

This game is definitely worth €1.99, especially for fans of retro-style games. Another World the kind of game that will get you to keep coming back for more, trying to beat your own high score, and it’s the kind of game that will really get you thinking. I always look forward to having time to plunge into the game and live the professor’s new stories.



Another World – Trapped in another dimension... Another World – Trapped in another dimension... Another World – Trapped in another dimension... Another World – Trapped in another dimension...

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  • I bought the game but am getting so response from my moga pro. tried a and b settings on the moga and tried launching the game from both the moga app and from the phone. little help?