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Ant Raid – Stand guard!

Ant Raid – Stand guard!

I've seen all sorts of settings for strategy games: the Middle Ages, other planets... But diving into a miniature world of ants was new to me. I'm always up for something new and fresh and this is precisely why Ant Raid caught my attention. Care to find out more? Nothing easier than that, just read on!



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.2 1.0.11

Features & Use

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.2
Root: No
Modifications: None

Ant Raid has two game modes and when you start playing the first few levels you'll find that more features and options are unlocked as you play.

The ants' headquarters must be protected against hostile bug attacks. Everything that flies, crawls and slithers is out to get this industrious lot: snails, bees and even mutant insects. Enemy bugs have different strengths, meaning it's up to you to adapt and strategise wisely. For instance, some enemy insects will be able to drug the ants and make them sleepy/numb. In this case you'll have to send out a fresh group of ants to fetch the ones that are currently not operational, so that they can be brought back to the headquarters and woken up.

Every now and then the ants won't be able to handle everything that's on their plate and will need some of your help. Check the green bar at the top of the display; as soon as you've managed to kill enough bugs you will be able to activate a major enemy wipe out finger action: simply tap on hostile bugs and they kick the bucket. Sounds easy enough, but can be quite challenging if there are lots of bugs storming at you.
Similarly, there's a blue bar for blue enemies. Once it fills up your ants become invincible for a brief time. The red bar will enable your ants to be faster.

You are awarded stars for completed levels. Check the top left corner to see how you're doing.

I should also mention that the survival mode can only be activated once you've successfully completed the first chapter of the history mode. And if you choose to download additional data, you will be able to enjoy video inserts which turn the arcade strategy game into a desktop and console worthy one!

Bottom line:

Ant Raid is a wonderful game, “easy to learn, hard to master” as the developers put it. Its unique graphics really make it stand out from the crowd.


Screen & Controls

The Ant Raid graphics are pretty special and we love them. Playful yet professional, they're well made and really impressed us.

Controls are also good and very intuitive: it takes but a few moments to figure out how to play the game. Plus, the game is explained to you interactively as you play.


Speed & Stability

Ant Raid runs well: good speed and stability.


Price/Performance Ratio

Ant Raid is currently available for only €0.70 and we feel it's a great deal for the price.



Ant Raid – Stand guard! Ant Raid – Stand guard! Ant Raid – Stand guard!

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