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African Bullfrog + Ant Smasher For Android = OMG WTF

Authored by: Eric McBride — Jul 25, 2012


Ant Smasher is a popular Android game (over 10 million downloads) that challenges you to smash ants and other sorts of bugs as they walk down the display of your phone. Now you might know someone that’s really good at playing this game, but what could possibly be better at smashing bugs on an Android phone than a human? Why an African Bullfrog of course! Duh...... Don’t believe me?

I learned quite a few things I didn’t know while watching this 27 second video clip of a Bullfrog playing this popular game:

  1. African Bullfrogs are a lot cooler than I originally thought
  2. I want one
  3. African Bullfrogs got mad gaming skillz
  4. I want one
  5. Don’t ever get between an African Bullfrog and Ant Smasher
  6. African Bullfrogs have teeth and will bite the **it out of you
  7. Their gaming skills exceed that of a Bearded Dragon
  8. I freakin want one

Anyway, check out this crazy African Bullfrog and his Android phone in action (Youtube link here):

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