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Want to improve Android? Then join our anti-bloatware campaign

Want to improve Android? Then join our anti-bloatware campaign

We love the excitement of a brand new Android phone. We love unboxing it, finding extras it shipped with, peeling that plastic off the front. We can't wait for the boot animation to finish to see our brand new gadget in all its glory. But when we open the app drawer to see it choking on pre-loaded apps we don't want, the excitement tends to disappear. So we're doing something about it.

androidpit android devices 3
Many Android phones are famous for bloatware. / © ANDROIDPIT

Bloatware is what we typically call the non-removable apps that come pre-installed on a new smartphone or tablet. While sometimes they can be disabled, they usually can't be removed. Also, because they live in a different part of memory to the apps you install, even if you can get rid of them you still can't recover the storage space they occupied. So we're doing something about it.

Bloatware not only takes up valuable internal storage space you've paid for, it also consumes system resources. We're sick of paying good money to have memory taken up by commercial agreements. We shouldn't have to. You shouldn't have to. So we want you to do something about it with us.

apps smartphone
Manufacturers should give customers more choice over bloatware. / © ANDROIDPIT

We're starting a campaign against bloatware and we want your help. All you have to do is sign the petition (see below) to add your name to the list. The more people that get behind this idea the more chance it has of being heard, so please share and recommend this article to your friends. 

We understand that there are commercial partnerships behind bloatware – it's just a reality of doing business in the industry. But we believe that once a customer buys an Android devices, they should have full control over it. Pre-installed apps should be uninstallable.

Even if we can't get rid of bloatware completely, there must be alternatives. For example, app packages could be installed at startup (on the user's memory partition) with the option to remove them later. Or there could be an opt-in structure, where you get to choose certain titles from a pool of 'approved' apps. Maybe we should be rewarded for accepting bloat. Or pay a small fee to remove it.

What's our goal?

We've set a target of 50,000 petition signatures. Once we reach that target, we'll go to manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG and ask them to take action. We will ask the manufacturers who pre-install apps to give customers the option to remove them. 

We're open to suggestions, so use the comments section to share your thoughts on bloat and your suggestions for a better way. Compromises, solutions, alternatives: all are welcome. As we said, the more support we get, the greater the chance our demands are heard, so please sign the petition, leave a comment, share this article and spread the word that we shouldn't put up with bloatware anymore!

To support this campaign on social media, feel free to use the #OccupyBloatware hashtag.

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  • Great action! I support you extremely! So far I use app to remove bloatware from my Samsung, such as Purify. But it needs to tackle the root of the problem!

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Oct 10, 2015 Link to comment

    Great petition, it's basic respect for consumer choice, and a very grey area in some instances.
    I'm sort of OK with carrier bloat, IF i choose to purchase device from a carrier, but I expect a choice to remove their bloatware once contract with carrier expires.
    OEMs really need to allow choice of removal....SAMSUNG..... ... . I'm a frustrated ex user of a beautiful to behold Note 12 tablet, I like and respect the choice of apps that sammy provides but personally I'd remove about 20 apps from this device if could.
    For now no more sammy just vanilla android, and with regards to the future I'm gonna learn to root.

  • I hate bloatware! It sucks up space and resources. I don't mind getting to play with pre-loaded apps, but I want to be ale to remove the ones I don't like. I have gotten a few that I liked and keep them running, but others need to go. The other offenders here are the service carriers. They also add junk to the phone that you can't remove. I figure if I'm paying full price for the device (as you typically do on no contract plans) then you should get to remove apps you don't want. Got a free phone - sure I'll put up with some junk apps.

  • Signed and shared!! The price that we pay for these phones, they shouldn't be able to have this many useless applications!!

  • Signed! Hopefully they can do something about this. Is the goal to be able to remove them from existing phones, or new phone purchases?

    • Thanks, Jim! We want OEMs to give their customers more choice - more choice with new and old devices. We think every Android user has the same right to choose what's on the phone they bought.

  • Caspar Aug 31, 2015 Link to comment

    Good stuff!

  • You have my vote!

  • The article hits all the high points of why bloatware should be minimal to non-existant. I certainly don't support paying yet more money for a handset after I get it. I think the opt-in idea is the most ethical approach. And for my part, companies who are early adopters to this principal are far more likely to get my business.

  • Bloatware isn't always pre installed on your Android Smartpbone (via the manufacturer), but what Consumers end up with via their Carrier (directly from the Sim Card OR pre-installed onto the device) - and I hate this!

  • Thanks for this petition. I'm in full support of manufacturers giving us the option to choose what we want to install on our phones. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I must confess I love the phone but there are so many bloatware I've never used and I wish there was a way I can uninstall them instead of just disabling them.

  • Wow thanks for making this petition! I hope the manufacturers will actually listen

  • Just because of bloatware my next cell ll be nexus...

  •   24
    Deactivated Account Aug 29, 2015 Link to comment

    I'm against bloatware, rather make it a optional extra that carriers and manufacturers add in the playstore or galaxy apps (samsung) for example where if you want the app you can download it if you don't want it and don't need it you just don't download and install it and thus memory and storage space isn't wasted and neither do you have a mobile phone full of shortcuts of apps and software you don't use.

  • Gabor Aug 28, 2015 Link to comment

    The best petition is your vote when you buy your next device.

  • It can be done, you just have to be careful and definitely make a backup. If you have a Nexus, they are the easiest as it is just a couple clicks using the Nexus root toolkit.

    Deactivated Account

    •   24
      Deactivated Account Aug 29, 2015 Link to comment

      If only we were allowed to purchase Nexus mobiles here in south africa :'-(

  • aman Aug 28, 2015 Link to comment

    Rooting is not banned by some brands like oneplus. while rooting android mobile phones many customers gets bricked their mobiles because of root access they even delete important system files. so if u want root with warranty go for brands like oneplus

  • Yes I am in support of your thought that bloatware should be removable.
    I want to ask you a question the option of rooting a phone is illegally banned by google or manufactures or both or none of them please give me answer I earlier ask many.questions in your forum but never gets answered.

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