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Anti-Virus Pro – A Security Suite, And Then Some

Anti-Virus Pro – A Security Suite, And Then Some

We love our Android devices and hence security is a big concern for most Android users. Can Anti-Virus Pro help fight off viruses, Trojans and spy programmes? And what's more, how essential are mobile security applications, anyway? Find out in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.10 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: HTC Desire
Root: Yes, MiUi 2.1.13
Android version: 2.3.7

I approached Anti-Virus Pro with mixed feelings: I was both curious and apprehensive. Why? Because of two of the functions the application provides: it is a security app and task killer in one.

Let’s start with the task killer function, and let’s not mince words about it: Android does not require task killers! Despite everything you might read on various blogs and websites, unleashing a task killer on Android devices is totally counterproductive. Android performs best when it’s challenged and knocks off applications that are no longer needed independently.

What’s more, a lot of power users and experts will argue that Android doesn’t really require anti virus apps either, even if you do happen to download more applications than your run-of-the-mill user. I know my device is always bursting at the seams with apps, and for the purpose of this review I even took the liberty of downloading a few dodgy ones, just to see what would happen.

Does this mean that Anti-Virus Pro is useless, then?
No, it doesn’t. Because the application is jam packed with so many functions that there’s bound to be something in there for everyone.

Let’s start off with the most obvious feature: a virus scanner, which scans applications and notifies users if ever there’s something fishy in the ranks. To the application’s credit: it’s a very good virus scanner, fast and efficient. That said, a lot of experts agree that virus scanners simply aren’t essential to Android, unless you’re the kind of user who plunges into the deepest depths of the Android Market. But—we wholeheartedly encourage users to make up their own minds about whether or not they wish to make use of anti virus and security programmes.

Having said all that, Anti-Virus Pro offers more than the two aforementioned features—in fact, it offers a whole suite of features. It’s kind of the Swiss Army knife of applications. The app provides suggestions on how to improve security on your device (we don’t recommend this for AndroidPIT users, as the application suggest deactivating installation processes from sources; this function is needed in order to use the App Center), a host of scanners, anti-theft protection and much more. Considering that Anti-Virus Pro is first and foremost an anti virus app, we are rather impressed by the sheer number of extra features it harbours.
The scanners are reliable and do their job just as they should, leaving you to surf the web completely worry-free. The application sussed out a virus on my device that the anti virus service on my computer had also picked up on.

Another added bonus: a very well functioning app lock. App locks are not only blessings in hindsight for those of us who occasionally drink and text – anything that can spare me from the cringe-worthiness of the next morning is a welcome addition on my phone – but also when your device happens to fall into the wrong person’s hands. That said, the app lock can be undone by simply uninstalling Anti-Virus Pro. It’s a shame the function isn’t password protected.

There’s also a backup feature, though I have seen better, as Anti-Virus Pro doesn’t backup contacts and the like, only other applications.

The application has a lot of useful features to offer, but there are also one or two that I personally could do without, starting with ‘Tune-up beta’, which deconnects from WiFi or mobile networks. Most smartphones are programmed to be able to do that without the help of an extra application.

On to ‘real-time scanning’: this means that applications are scanned for viruses and the like while they are being installed. This could be interesting for users who tend to download a lot of applications from unverified sources. Scans always take place in the background and you won’t notice them unless a warning pops up.

Finally the anti-theft protection service may seem very attractive to many users. Sign in via your Gmail account and you will be able to control your device via your account on http://www.avgmobilation.com. You can programme your device to produce sounds, send out messages or lock up. In a worst case scenario you can even wipe (i.e. delete all you data) your SD card and internal storage. That said, if the thief is familiar with Anti-Virus Pro they may delete it, and then unfortunately your device will no longer be remotely accessible.

Bottom line:
Anti-Virus Pro provides users with a lot of features, most of which are pretty nifty, though not always as thorough as applications that specialise in only one functionality. However, if you’re the type of user who wants a lot of features all in one go – rather than having to download X amount of extra apps – Anti-Virus Pro may be the right application for you.

Screen & Controls

Controls are relatively simple and easy to get the hang of. The application is also designed so as to make using it as easy and pleasant as possible. Our only small critique: it would be great if there were an option that allowed users to select what the first main screen of Anti-Virus Pro should be. In my case I would appreciate being able to access the main menu straight away, rather than having to decline the offer to scan my data that pops up every time I start up the application.

Speed & Stability

Anti-Virus Pro is extremely reliable and fast to boot. It didn’t crash or lag at all and it scanned my 10 GB worth of data within no time at all.

Price/Performance Ratio

Anti-Virus Pro usually costs EUR3,63 but at the moment there’s a special discount on and it can be downloaded for only EUR1,54. There’s also a free version and a trial version of the pro version.


Anti-Virus Pro – A Security Suite, And Then Some Anti-Virus Pro – A Security Suite, And Then Some

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  • Omnius Jan 31, 2012 Link to comment

    I find it awkwardly strange to hear a software reviewer tell the reader that, antivirus is not really needed on Android... What rock have you been living under?
    I would certainly find it interesting to hear what experts it is you refer to, cuz what we actually experience at the moment is, that mobile devices indeed is just small computers with all kinds of exploitational vectors.
    Same was said about OSX back in the days, and now you say it about Android.. How wrong you will be proven sooner than later.

  •   17
    Deactivated Account Jan 29, 2012 Link to comment

    Wow, two very different user experiences there -- thanks for sharing!

  • ive found that i had been tagged with droid dream and was being used as part of anonymous attacks...had avpro didn't catch any of that action. hooked to my clean pc and ran it thru Comodo and saved my android...id rate app with negative stars if i could...
    btw anonymous botted mine via twitter be careful

  • I just got the AVG Anti- Virus a couple of days ago and wouldn't feel safe without it now, Its a five star in my books.

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