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Apndroid SALE! – For frugality's sake

Apndroid SALE! – For frugality's sake

Apndroid SALE! has always been known as a clever little tool to help data connection from a mobile device to the internet, an option which is especially useful for users with limited data plans. However, the last few generations of devices that have come out have had this service as an integrated feature. Find out if Apndroid SALE! is still worth it nonetheless in today's review.



Reviewed version Latest version
4.0.1 5.0.0

Features & Use

Test device: HTC One S with Android 4.03

Not much has changed as far as Apndroid SALE! Primary function goes: the app prevents any internet connection via button push, by overwriting the APN (Access Point Name) so that the device no longer knows where to establish a connection to the internet. This means that all data connection of all apps and the device can be blocked by tapping on the widget or within the app itself. The current status can be displayed via the notification bar. We found this to work out perfectly and almost instantly.

The app also displays all other apps that have connected to the internet whilst the mobile network is active, dividing applications into “active” and “inactive”. This classification rests on whether apps were tapping into the mobile network.

In order to prevent further data connection applications can also be shut down, but this may not always be advisable. It would make more sense to see statistics showing the data consumption of individual apps and the device in general. These statistics should be focused on the active phase of the mobile network only, enabling informed decisions as to what to do.

Bottom line:

Apndroid SALE! does what it sets out to do very well and without much ado. That said, the app is pretty pared down so don't expect anything fancy.
Our question is: in light of this function being integrated in more devices nowadays, is there a place for Apndroid SALE!?
The app can prove to be a useful shortcut and displays certain informations in a way that makes them easy to understand and follow.
Furthermore, not all devices come with a widget that allows them to de/activate the network. Apndroid SALE! Can also be used via plugin with Locale and Tasker. These features will be of interest to users of older devices / UI versions.


Screen & Controls

The Apndroid SALE! UI is neat and simple, and, as an added bonus, the app is already compatible with 4.0.

In case anything should go awry (and in our experience it won't the app is super stabile), the developer has kindly integrated a few helpful texts and trouble shooting strategies. The developer is also very good at getting back to users with questions, complaints or comments, and takes suggestions into consideration (one of our colleagues from the German team had a complaint about the poor German translation of the texts within the app, and the dev promptly announced that he would integrate an option to change the language within the app).


Speed & Stability

Apndroid SALE! Performed very well throughout our test runs. We experienced absolutely no problems with this app.


Price/Performance Ratio

Apndroid SALE! is available for EUR 1.77 from the App Center or Google Play. A free version with ads is also available. While support is great, we find this price to be a bit too steep considering that it can only do so much, and that completely free alternatives are available.

PLEASE NOTE that Apndroid SALE! is currently on sale and available for only EUR 0.60. Right on!


Apndroid SALE! – For frugality's sake Apndroid SALE! – For frugality's sake

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