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Aporkalypse FREE - Four Little Pigs Gone Crazy
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Aporkalypse FREE - Four Little Pigs Gone Crazy

There have been a lot of funky cool games coming out for Android that make the gaming experience both funny and entertaining. The traditional “save the world from doom” scenario takes on a new twist in Aporkalypse FREE a game where it’s up to four pigs to keep the world from going under. With this game you can turn your pink little friends into vicious superheroes!

Find out how to save our dear pigs from become roasted pork meat in hell in today’s test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.3 1.1.4

Features & Use

The basic premise of Aporkalypse FREE is that the world is coming to an end and it’s up to four chubby pigs to prevent the destruction. The game is structured like a regular adventure games where different levels have to be completed while avoiding evil pig demons.

At the start of each level, a pig angel and a pig devil appear on the screen that gives you conflicting messages about what to do. The angel always tells you how good of a job you are doing while the red pig demon demoralizes you with negative comments. Some of the conversations are pretty funny, but feel free to skip them if you want to spare yourself the chatter.

There are four different pigs available to be played with at different stages in the game:

  • Hunger Pig: This little pig has a big appetite and can swallow objects such as haystacks along the way. You can have him spit out objects later to use them as building blocks or bridges.
  • War Pig: This commando pig is armed to the teeth. Use its weapons to obliterate pig demons and other targets along the way.
  • Pest Pig: This pig’s got something worse than the swine flu: pig pest! The pig emits a putrid cloud of stench. Once an enemy comes in contact with it, it becomes possessed and you get control over it.
  • Death Pig: The pig version of the grim reaper can magically transport himself to the location of a recently dead enemy.

To successfully complete a level, you have to get your pig to the square marked with a white pig symbol. There are all sorts of dangers and obstructions along the way that require quite a deal of thinking and planning. You’ll have to climb up stairs, build bridges using haystacks and maneuver around evil pig demons. There are different levers that can be pushed to activate platforms, doors and moving squares. Golden coins should also be collected along the way to earn valuable bonus points.

In the first couple of levels, your goal is to free all your pig brothers from imprisonment. Once you’ve reunited the whole family, you can switch between pigs while completing a level by tapping the switch pig button. It’s important to think strategically and use certain pigs for specific missions. To get a better understanding of what awaits you in a new level, use the binoculars to get an overview of the entire playing field.

You can save your game at any point and come back to it later, which is really useful.

Bottom Line:

This game combines a really creative and funny storyline with an addicting adventure game. There are a ton of different levels available with plenty of variety and new challenges. Personally, I really enjoyed playing this game and it’s definitely staying on a phone for a while.


Screen & Controls

I have to applaud the developers of Aporkalypse FREE on the graphics and menu layout. Everything looks stylish, professional and of course extremely funny. All the characters in the game are hilarious-looking and the bright colors make the game really great.

In terms of controls, you can either use the on screen D-Pad or tap on the screen to move your pig. Although the D-Pad is alright, the game works best on phones with a built-in trackpad. Otherwise, the D-Pad is always as responsive as it should be.


Speed & Stability

Aporkalypse FREE had absolutely no problems with speed and stability. Performed extremely well on the HTC Incredible, but the game won’t run as quickly on older devices such as the HTC Hero.

Price/Performance Ratio

Aporkalypse FREE is available for download from the App Center. 

There is also a paid ad-free version called Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom available for $4.20. 


Aporkalypse FREE - Four Little Pigs Gone Crazy Aporkalypse FREE - Four Little Pigs Gone Crazy Aporkalypse FREE - Four Little Pigs Gone Crazy Aporkalypse FREE - Four Little Pigs Gone Crazy Aporkalypse FREE - Four Little Pigs Gone Crazy


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