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App Cheat: Trick Candy Crush Saga to replenish turns

App Cheat: Trick Candy Crush Saga to replenish turns

Candy Crush Saga lovers might want to try this trick if you spend a lot of time playing this match-three game, which, by the way, makes 900,000 dollars a day on in-app purchases. If you happen to lose all of your lives (which at the beginning is pretty hard to do), the game will make you wait a certain amount of time before it replenishes them, if you choose not to pay. A nice person over at Reddit disclosed their tip on how to work around this.

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Instead of banging your head against the wall waiting to get more turns for Candy Crush Saga, the Reddit user vagoon shared a nice trick to avoid this annoying part of the game, which apparently will work on both Android and iOS. Please use this workaround at your own risk.

You can remove these annoying artificial waiting times / payments by simply changing the time setting on your device. Once your stamina or whatever is depleted, change your phones date one day ahead and get your stamina back for free. You can then change the time back to normal, but your stamina will still be there. Enjoy.

Don’t forget to change the time back once you have done this, just to make sure it doesn’t screw up any of your other apps. There’s been word that this messes up iMessage on iPhone. Apparently this little workaround will do the same thing for Batman Arkham Origins, Jelly Splash, Coin Dozer to get more coins and Deer Hunter 2014 to get more energy as well as bypass waiting for upgrades. This may not work on all apps though, as others have mentioned that it does nothing for Tiny Tower or Pixel People, penalizing you instead.

Another user in the comments suggested going to your Android settings, then into App Manager and finally Candy Crush Saga app info where you can wipe the app data. This should bring the game back to normal thus restoring your lives, as long as your progress is synced with Facebook and is only used for Candy Crush.

Again, a word of caution: if you love this game that much that you just cannot wait any longer, do this, but at your own risk.

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  • Add me 1477 level need licorice blocks & color bombs please update now!

  • There's a much better way without messing with your clock (specially if you rely on calendar apps).

    1) Make sure your're connected with Facebook
    2) In Settings / Apps / Candy Crush, erase data.
    3) Run Candy Crush it will look as if it's the first time you run the program. Even Facebook connection will be lost.
    4) Connect to Facebook. You'll be back on your last level, but with lives replenished.

  •   14
    Deactivated Account Nov 27, 2013 Link to comment

    Candy Lives: http://goo.gl/LrOL4C

  • I've been using this trick for a while already - discovered it myself occasionally! Didn't think of writing about it - will do now:)

    The only thing - when you change your time back, the waiting time is back. Now I have to switch the time before playing again, but waiting 24 hours for quests was way too annoying.

  • My1 Nov 25, 2013 Link to comment

    But it is bad when you arw penalized when DST kicks in...

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