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Android Market Hits 400,000 Apps
Google 2 min read 4 comments

Android Market Hits 400,000 Apps

Android Market Apps Hit 400,000

(picture: TechCrunch)

Things are looking better and better for Android in 2012. Not only did they celebrate their ten billionth app download along with a record setting number of activations over Christmas, it has now been reported from Distimo (a mobile app analytics company) that there are now 400,000 apps available in the market.

In a period of just 4 months, the Android Market has jumped from 300,000 to 400,000 apps, which is an amazing feat considering that it took Apple around 7 months to match those figures. There are almost 100,00 registered developers working hard to provide the Android community with great apps, and it's easy to see how app quality has so greatly improved with all the amazing app realeases in 2011.

A big portion of those 400,000 apps are free ones, which isn't really a suprise. But in my humble opinion, Android users would buy a lot more apps if Paypal integration would FINALLY hit the marketplace. Back in November it was discovered that in a leaked version of the new Android Market that there were multiple mentions of Paypal in the actual apk file. If that would also happen in 2012, I can't imagine how ANYTHING would stop the Andriod Market from having its biggest year ever.

Source: TechCrunch


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  • @sniryael - true, but mainly because IOS users actually buy more apps than Android users. Google and Apple pay the same to devs..its a 70/30 split for both. Apple however has WAY more options that allow users to buy apps. Google only has 1, which really does hurt.

  • Snir Jan 5, 2012 Link to comment

    ios apps developers still earn 10 times more for an app..

  • @Christopher - oh yeah, the payment procedure really frustrates me. I have a good feeling that this year we'll see it get optimized...FINALLY :-D

  • I am not really excited about hitting 400k I would be please to see the Dev payment procedure re-vamped and more transparent....

    "When they earn, they will come"