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App sales: The Room Two, My Backup Pro, Threes, Prince of Persia, Sudoku and more!

The weekend is here at last! Friday is our usual app deals day, so make sure you check back if you want to know the latest deals being brought to you in the Play Store. This week we’ve got some great puzzle games: Threes!, Sudoku, Eliss Infinity and The Room 2. Then some adventure games, like Prince of Persia and Beyond Gravity. Lastly, a nice backup app, My Backup Pro. Check them out below!

app deals teaser 11 07 2014
© AndroidPIT

Threes! - 0.99 USD

The match-three game has been knocked down by 33%, so if you've ever wanted to try out a quality puzzle game with this fun concept, here's your chance. In Threes! you just swipe to add matching numbers together so to get even higher combos. It may seem easy, but it can be quite the challenge.

androidpit threes game
© Sirvo LLC
Threes! Install on Google Play

Eliss Infinity - 0.99 USD

For 70% off, Eliss Infinity is a multi touch game, where you need to combine many small planets to make a big one and to place them on the correct rotation, plus you've got to beat the clock. Its retro graphics really make this game stand out.

androidpit Eliss Infinity
© Finji
Eliss Infinity Install on Google Play

Beyond Gravity

The developers of Beyond Gravity just launched the iOS version of the game, which they decided to celebrate by knocking down the Android version by 50%. This cutsy game takes you into the world of a funny-looking astronaut who must jump from planet to planet, Angry Birds style. On the way, he needs to collect as many screws and other treasures.

androidpit beyond gravity
© Qwiboo, Ltd
Beyond Gravity Install on Google Play

My Backup Pro - 2.99 USD

40% off this essential app for Android makes it well worth purchasing: the pro version saves your data for apps, pictures, music, contacts, text messages and more, and allows backup on multiple devices.

androidpit backup pro
© Rerwear, LLC
My Backup Pro Install on Google Play

Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame - 0.99 USD

Now for 70% off, Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame follows a great story line where you must help the prince battle enemies in awesome fighting matches.

© AndroidPIT
Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame Install on Google Play

The Room Two - 0.99 USD

Looking for a super complex and intriguing puzzle game? You really don't have to look further than the Room 2. Masterfully created, the sombre design is incredible, plus it really takes your best wits to solve the riddle in this physics puzzle game.

Screenshot 2014 02 19 16 51 39
© AndroidPIT/Fireproof Games
The Room Two Install on Google Play

Amazon’s free app of the day: Sudoku

To be able to get the Amazon Appstore for Android's free app of the day, you first need to sign up for an Amazon account. Ensure you check back each day for the latest deals. The Sudoku game this time around has almost limitless Sudoku puzzles, and 4 difficulty levels.

Have a great weekend!


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