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App Will Pay You $50 a Month to Stare at Ads on Your Lockscreen


First, there were the Push Notification ads, which sent targeted advertisements to your notification tray. Now, a company called SmartAds wants to put ads in an even more obtrusive place: your lockscreen. The catch? They'll actually pay you to view them.

SmartAds, which is now but a dream of a developer on IndieGoGo, claims you'll be able to make up to $50 just by looking at ads on your smartphone and tablet. Every time you see an ad when locking or unlocking your mobile device, you'll earn a small commission. 

The ads will be targeted directly to you based on a survey you fill out prior to signing up for the service. 

I wonder if people will actually be interested in this, given how much criticism Push Notification Ads have garnered over the years. I also wonder if users will really be able to make "up to" $50. That said, for some folks looking to add a bit of extra income for the month, this could be a good deal.

Would you ever sign up for a service like this?

Source: Indie GoGo


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  • Sorin 1 month ago Link to comment

    It seems to be an intelligent trick.

  • Im not to cool witg scams anyway I just
    Wanted to know what the answer to my question
    Because stuff like that always sounds to
    Good to be true so 98 percent of the
    Time their trying to scam someone
    ( as they feel people will jump on the advertisement.)


  • If app pays you $ 50.00 to stare @ screen how you
    Suoposed to contact them if your interested?

  • I am android lover and always searching for the new apps for it.This is really a good information you have provided to us. Thank you so much for this.

  • No scam, it's not too good to be true - you have to see ads every time you check your phone.. just like you have to see billboards every time you drive down the road that billboard owners get paid for. But at least the ads are targeted to your own interests, offer deals on those interests and reduce almost equally annoying monthly phone bills...and they can be closed in under half a second to see your normal lockscreen and use your phone as you always have.

  • Like he said, "F..k off"!!!

  • Ya right, definately some sort of scam to take over your pay pal or spending accounts some how, I too believe :its too good to be true"

  • Ti Mo Mar 8, 2013 Link to comment

    If it's too good to be true it ain't true

  • I dont think that this is real it has to be a virus of a sort or a scam.

  • Gio A. Mar 8, 2013 Link to comment

    there's always a catch.

  • must be a catch

  • f..k off!

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