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Apple and Samsung back at it in court

Apple and Samsung back at it in court

Apple is set to go head to head with Samsung again in the court room over the Android operating system made by Google. Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, promised to promised to go to war against Android which he believed Google stole from Apple. Samsung is the company making the most money off Google’s operating system and naturally this would be Cupertino’s prime target.

samsung apple google
Samsung and Apple step in the ring once again this time over the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S3 / © Samsung, Apple, Google/AndroidPIT

The bottom line is that Apple is saying that Google stole some of the iPhone’s patented software. Among the patents that are being disputed in this case are one for synchronizing the connection between your phone and another computer and another one if for the ability to spot and fix errors in spelling. Samsung is expected to bring in witnesses from Google to help shore up its defence as Google is the company that develops the Android operating system upon which the Galaxy S3 runs.

Patent evaluation experts think that Apple is targeting Google as much as it is Samsung in this case. Both company recently just signed a deal regarding patents. Apple may be looking to see how the relationship between Samsung and Google plays out.

Apple claims that the trial is about theft and is asking for a considerable amount of damages. Apple is asking for $40 per device sold which will be a considerable amount if it is granted. The devices in question are the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 which sold quite considerably.

It is also feasible that in addition to the actual damages, Apple is likely to ask for an injunction against sales of the devices in the United States but this will probably have little effect since the phones where released way back in 2012 which in smartphone terms is eons ago.

What do you make of this constant struggle between Apple and Android? Please leave your views below in the comments section and we will get back to you.

Source: NPR

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  • most of the cases are about obsolete phones anyway so I doubt they will affect much

  • henry Apr 4, 2014 Link to comment

    Apple should go and sleep, Samsung is the best phone ever i love Samsung mobile and Android, Google should continue the good work he is doing with Samsung company

  • apple got scared with the new features of samsung. so apple is targeting samsung.

  • And I bet if HTC, Motorola and LG sold as many fones as Samsung they would be in Apple's firing line as well. Apples motto should be " If you can't out sell them then sue them"

  • Jewel Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    I love Samsung Galaxy Phones...I've had S3, now S4 and exited to get the S5..I made my choice between Iphone & Samsung only because the screen was larger, now I'm happy I chose Samsung..battery can be changer which is great when your cell phone is the only means of communication... I now have a Samsung smart tv which have same apps as my phone...I'm not putting down Iphone, I'm just loving Samsung

  • Apple just mad at Samsung out beating them of the sales of their phones

  • Sad times for the tech industry. They need to be forced to give it up and go back to making phones.

  • And Apple stole from OS/2...

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