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Apple Fails In Fight Against HTC

Authored by: Steven Blum — Jul 3, 2012


Apple has been losing a lot of patent battles recently. On Sunday, a U.S. appeal court judge threw out the company's case against Google and now the ITC (International Trade Comission) is refusing to uphold Apple's ban on HTC devices.

Apple had asked to place an "emergency request" for a new ban to be imposed on HTC devices –including the HTC One X and Evo 4G– but the ITC isn't listening. A statement issued by the ITC explains:

"Apple has not demonstrated the propriety of temporary emergency action... the commission will not direct Customs to detain all subject HTC products because the commission does not have the information necessary to determine whether the respondents are currently violating the commission's limited exclusion order."

The ITC is still investigating whether a ban is legal but it certainly isn't speeding along the process. I'm glad to see Apple isn't having its way for once.

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Source: Business Week

Steven Blum has written more than 2,000 blog posts as a founding member of AndroidPIT's English editorial team. A graduate of the University of Washington, Steven Blum also studied Journalism at George Washington University in Washington D.C. for two years. Since then, his writing has appeared in The Stranger, The Seattle P-I, Blackbook Magazine and Venture Villlage. He loves the HTC One and hopes the company behind it still exists in a few years.


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  • CJ Brown Jul 29, 2012 Link to comment

    Apple is so desperate, they're finally offering iPhones for sale @ Boost & Virgin Mobile (its only a matter of time before other manufacturers - HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc - offer better quality non contract Android Smart Phones to alternative cellular service providers - in fact? I'm surprised that there isn't a non contract HTC ONE series available) because their limitations Apple let themselves get into haven't worked in their best interest ...

  • DaBartonator
    • Mod
    Jul 4, 2012 Link to comment

    Maybe Apple had a dream of ending up like Blackberry

  • I have a Sony Xperia S, it has a superior walkman to iphone and far better apps, 12mpixel camera. iPhone is overpriced and in the same league as a starter Android. sounds like a case of spitting the dummy outta pram cos they can't keep up. Tracey from Swindon.

  • Still to come the ban in USA of the nexus and apparently Samsung G S III. Why should this be upheld. Apple is getting seems.

  • I think apple inc is missing JOBS.

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