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iPhone 8 price, release date, specs and rumors

Update: Say goodbye to the home button

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, more and more rumors and supposed leaks are starting to emerge about the Apple iPhone 8. The market is buzzing with the possibility that Apple might be releasing not just two, but three different models. The rumors surrounding an "anniversary" iPhone 8 are especially interesting. The latest image leak shows that the physical home button is gone for good.

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Apple iPhone 8: design

What will the future iPhone 8 look like? To get a clear idea, take a look at the render videos and images below. While it needs to be taken with a grain of salt, the latest photos from BGR seem to be in line with the other leaks and rumors we've seen so far.

The iPhone 8 seems to differ greatly from previous models from a technical point of view. Apple, it seems, will abandon the traditional home button. And in the photo below from BGR, the power button is especially prominent, as is the protruding vertically oriented camera module.

Say goodbye to the home button. / © BGR

The frame around the screen will measure only 2.6 mm. If the other two new iPhones, the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, stick with the home button and large bezels on the top and bottom, then the iPhone 8 will mark a true design departure.

After seeing the previous renders from the notorious @VenyaGeskin1, here come some new ones - this time brought to light by reliable leaker @OnLeaks. The below render video gives us a close idea of the possible iPhone 8 design.

The rendering in the video is based on CAD information and made by doing a 360 degree rotation of the images themselves. With Apple's hardware upgrades, it's not hard to understand why they may have inventory problems due to production difficulties, according to a prediction by Ming-Chi Kuo, a financial analyst at KGI Securities.

With this design, however, the Apple engineers are setting themselves up for an extremely difficult task. Not only do they appear to be planning to build a fingerprint sensor into the display (a first for Apple), the rumored additional 3D camera and sensors will also need to be integrated into the glass and display panel as well. 

There are already several interesting aspects to the design for the speaker, which would use cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology. This would allow sound to come right out of the screen's glass panel. All these issues will most likely ensure that Apple will delay getting the phone into users' hands.

One thing is clear even now: the bloody battle to grab the crown of the smartphone market begins with the iPhone 8. If Apple manages to develop its new design without irritating the fans, the iPhone anniversary will be a huge hit.

Apple iPhone 8: display

All the experts agree, the screen of the iPhone 8 will be the strong point of the new Apple smartphone. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple will also greatly reduce bezels around the screen for the iPhone anniversary. While the display resolution is still unknown, it is almost certain that Apple will equip the iPhone 8 with an OLED panel, while the 7S model will keep the LCD display. Fingerprint reader, speaker, camera and sensors might be integrated behind the glass.

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iphone 8 leak
No bezels and a fingerprint scanner behind the glass of the display? / © KK Sneak Leaks

Apple iPhone 8: camera

Apple might also be experimenting a bit with its camera setup. The dual camera orientation might be switched from horizontal to vertical on the iPhone 8 to improve the image quality. In addition, Apple's latest smartphone might also feature a dual-lens dual camera on the front of the phone. If you want to learn about the advantages of a dual camera, check out this article.

Apple iPhone 8: technical specs

There's no truly reliable information out there about the iPhone 8's technical specs. It is assumed that the new Apple smartphone will be equipped with a more powerful processor, probably called the A11. The anniversary model should also have more internal memory, up to 256GB.

Apple iPhone 8: special features

For a special occasion like the iPhone's tenth anniversary, Apple should be coming up with something special in terms of accessories. The Cupertino firm prefers simplicity to wires, as shown with their new wireless earbuds. And now, the classic charging cable may disappear. Vendors like Powermat even confirm it.

Apple iPhone 8: accessories

It's very likely that the iPhone 8 will come with AirPods, rather than the usual EarPods with a lightning cable and connector. It's also expected that a docking station like Samsung's DeX could be available for the iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8: fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner could be a unique aspect of the iPhone 8, because it would be the first time a manufacturer will hide this sensor under the display glass.

Apple iPhone 8: 3D facial recognition camera

The Korea Economic Daily reports that LG may be supplying Apple the facial recognition cameras for the iPhone 8. LG Innotek, the parts manufacturing unit of LG, is investing in a new manufacturing facility worth about $240 million, and according to this report, it's going to be dedicated to making these components for Apple.

LG Innotek supplied the rear camera lenses for the iPhone 7 and LG G6, so including their lenses in Apple's new flagship isn't a far-fetched theory. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also features facial recognition, but it's 2D rather than 3D.

Apple iPhone 8: price and release date

In recent years Apple has presented its new iPhone in September, placing them on the market shortly after. Even the iPhone 8 will probably be presented to the ninth month of the year, but the wait to have it in your hand be a bit longer than usual. BGR reported that Apple has been choosing components for the iPhone Anniversary model that will be completely new, and this will ensure that there will be an adequate inventory of the iPhone 8 only in October or November (even if there is even talk of January 2018). 

But let's talk about the price. The Apple iPhone 8 will cost a pretty penny. The model created for the tenth anniversary of the Cupertino firm phone leaves the "normal" iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus as alternatives. While the two "normal" iPhone are expected to follow the current pattern of prices, it is expected that with the iPhone 8 approaches the threshold of $1000. Here is what the price distribution may look like:

  • Apple iPhone 7S: from $750
  • Apple iPhone 7S Plus: from $900
  • Apple iPhone 8: probably over $1000

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it should be clear to everyone that, in order for it to remain competitive, Apple will need to step up its game. If the engineers in Cupertino do succeed in creating an iPhone with all these rumored display specs and features, it will definitely be an innovative push within the market.


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