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Apple promises more openness over iPhone battery life
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Apple promises more openness over iPhone battery life

Apple is bowing to the pressure of the authorities and promises to deal more openly with the topic of batteries in its iPhones in the future. The Cupertino company is thus anticipating further legal trouble. Customers should benefit from this decision.

The British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) watches over competition in the UK. Like the EU Commission, it had raised concerns about Apple's iOS update of 2017, which would slow down the iPhone if the battery became weak without informing the user. Apple has now reached an agreement with the CMA to provide easily-accessible information about the condition of the iPhone battery and tips for improving battery health. Apple also wants to provide better information about iPhone crashes in the future.

The background is the fact that Apple throttles the performance of its iPhones when the battery loses capacity over time. However, customers had not yet heard anything about the reason for their suddenly slow iPhone. Many react by replacing the entire smartphone, while a new battery would have been sufficient to return to the usual performance. This is not only the environmentally friendly and more resource-friendly option, but also significantly cheaper for the customer. But Apple earns more money on a completely new iPhone. However, as a first step, Apple had already introduced an overview of the battery condition in iOS 11.3, where throttling is also pointed out.

Apple was also charged with a further problem with the performance of the iPhone and, like competitor Samsung, had to accept a million-dollar fine. The EU Commission considered it proven that both smartphone manufacturers deliberately slow down their devices with updates in order to persuade customers to buy a new smartphone earlier. The now-announced turnaround of Apple regarding the iPhone battery goes in the same direction: More openness, less subliminal braking.

How do you think Apple will implement the new openness and will it really benefit customers?

Source: gov.uk

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